Koko's Kitchen

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Koko's Kitchen




Give Koko a Swift Carrot


Koko's Kitchen is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Koko is available outside the General Store in Kakariko Village by the cooking pot on the right, between 12pm and 7pm. However, Koko will not be there if it is raining.


Koko is trying to make Veggie Cream Soup for her younger sister, but is in need of a Swift Carrot.[1][2][3]

Swift Carrots can be purchased from the High Spirits Produce store, right next to where Koko is standing. They are for sale for 16 rupees each.

After gifting Koko the Swift Carrot, she will give you your reward in the form of some Hasty Veggie Cream Soup. This will complete the quest and also open the Cooking with Koko Side Quest.

At any point if you want to know the recipe for Hasty Veggie Cream Soup, Link can find it in Adventure Log for the Koko's Kitchen side quest.


  1. Today's dinner is veggie cream soup! It's super nourishing and fortifying! Well, that's what they say, anyhow. It must be true! All you do is toss a swift carrot, rock salt, and fresh milk in a pot and stew it up. Then, voilà! So yummy! - Koko
  2. ...OH, NO! Koko is all out of swift carrots! But...Koko promised to make Cottla some hasty veggie cream soup... - Koko
  3. Koko promised to make Cottla some hasty veggie cream soup... But Koko has no swift carrots! Koko is supposed to be like a mother for Cottla... Koko is a bad big sister... - Koko