Kakariko Village (Breath of the Wild)

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This article is about the settlement in Breath of the Wild. For the location in other games, see Kakariko Village.
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"This Sheikah Village is nestled between mountains and is said to be under the protection of the Great Fairy Cotera. The villagers make their living through agriculture, and the Fortified Pumpkin is one of their celebrated products. The plum trees that dot the village symbolize endurance and prosperity, reflecting the character and current circumstances of these hearty people, so they treat them as protectors of the village."

Kakariko Village is a location found in Breath of the Wild. It is a Sheikah settlement located on the northern edge of the western Necluda province, tucked away in a mountainous region set east of the Lanayru Wetlands.

Breath of the Wild

The town is entirely populated by Sheikah, running various shops where Link can purchase wares to aid him on his quest. Impa makes a return and resides in the largest house here, guarded by two soldiers.



Main article: Enchanted

Enchanted is the Armor Shop that is run by Claree. Link can purchase all three pieces of the Stealth Set and the Hylian Set. Inside of the shop, Link can find the Rumor Mill: Volume 1 by Traysi, leading Link to the Lover's Pond.

The Curious Quiver

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High Spirits Produce

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Shuteye Inn

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Nearby Side Quests

Nearby Shrine Quests

Nearby Shrines

Nearby Korok Seeds

Place an apple in the empty basket.

Place an apple in the empty basket. Afterwards, you can take all the apples.

Jump into the circle of lilies.

Jump into the circle of water lilies.

Climb up to this ledge, and lift the rock.

This rock is on a ledge near the top of the cliff. Find it and lift the rock.

Shoot this emblem.

Above the archway at the west exit of town, shoot the emblem with an arrow.

Shoot this emblem.

Above the archway at the main entrance to town, shoot the emblem with an arrow.

Tears of the Kingdom

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In Tears of the Kingdom, many of the same inhabitants and shops remain in Kakariko Village. However, with the falling of the Ring Ruins from the sky, the Zonai Survey Team has arrived in town to investigate these suspicious ruins.