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Owner of the Shuteye Inn



Ollie is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Ollie is the shop owner of the Shuteye Inn, located in Kakariko Village. He works all day and night behind the counter at the inn, regularly falling asleep. Sometimes when Link approaches him, he will be started.[1] Ollie has a stuttering problems and regularly has trouble getting his words out. He also is constantly falling asleep on the job and also forgetting the time of day.[2][3][4]

Ollie will explain the difference between the regular bed and soft, but still seems to be a little confused himself. He has trouble communicating the words to Link and seems very unsure of himself. [5] If Link chooses not to stay at the Inn, Ollie will express a little bit of disappointment.[6]



  1. Ack! Are you...a g-guest? I suppose so... You s-scared me half to death... Well... The regular bed is 20 rupees. And... th-the soft bed is 40 rupees. I guess... - Ollie
  2. Th-thank you... So, um... When should I wake you? M-morning? Alrighty. If you insist. I wonder...if I'll be awake... - Ollie
  3. Good m-morning. - Ollie
  4. Good m-morning. Or wait... Good day. I guess. - Ollie
  5. The soft bed is stuffed with premium Cucco feathers...or something. I think. Sleep on that, and... Um... Ya know... You'll be more energized than usual. - Ollie
  6. Oh, OK... You'd sleep great, though.... - Ollie