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Shuteye Inn








The Shuteye Inn is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Shuteye Inn is an Inn, located in Kakariko Village. It is located right next to the two General Stores and just south of the Goddess Statue near the center of town. Link can stay in a regular bed for 20 rupees, sleeping until morning, afternoon, or night, which will replenish Link's health. Alternatively, Link can sleep in a soft bed, "stuffed with premium cucco feathers", which causes Link to gain a yellow Temporary Heart when he awakes.[1]

The Inn is run by Ollie, who frequently falls asleep on the job.[2] Ollie lacks confidence and is very easily scared by Link. He is very unsure of himself and does not speak confidently when talking to Link.[3][4]

Despite it being an Inn with two beds, none of the characters that enter the Inn will ever actually use the beds. Link is the only character that will utilize one of the beds. Several characters will walk in and out of the Inn throughout the course of the day. Brokka and Bugut are two travelers who walk between the Dueling Peaks Stable and Kakariko Village. Both of which will stop at the Shuteye Inn, sitting at the chairs by the desk.

At 10pm each night, the traveling artist Pikango will pack up his things and make his way over to the Shuteye Inn. He falls asleep on the floor in the corner of inn, where he will remain until 5am the next morning. At that point he will return to his spot, near the Goddess Statue, continuing his painting. On days when it is raining Koko will take shelter within the Shuteye Inn.


  1. The soft bed is stuffed with premium Cucco feathers...or something. I think. Sleep on that, and... Um... Ya know... You'll be more energized than usual. - Ollie
  2. Th-thank you... So, um... When should I wake you? M-morning? Alrighty. If you insist. I wonder...if I'll be awake... - Ollie
  3. Ack! Are you...a g-guest? I suppose so... You s-scared me half to death... Well... The regular bed is 20 rupees. And... th-the soft bed is 40 rupees. I guess... - Ollie
  4. Good m-morning. Or wait... Good day. I guess. - Ollie