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Breath of the Wild
Kakariko Village
Tears of the Kingdom
Kakariko Village


Olkin (husband)

Mellie is a character found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mellie resides in Kakariko Village where she lives with her husband, Olkin. They live in the home located just east of Enchanted, the armor shop within Kakariko Village. She looks after Mellie's Plum Garden, a garden of plum tress near the center of Kakariko Village. The garden was planted by Impa on the day that Mellie was born, which is why she feels a special connection to them.[1]

During the daytime Mellie stands by her garden and will yell at Link if he steps into the garden. Mellie feels like the garden itself is a part of her, so if Link does damage to it, he's actually doing damage to her.[2] She refers to Link as a rascal and a whippersnapper if he messes with her garden.[3][4] During the Flown the Coop‎ quest, Link will need to retrieve a Cucco from within Mellie's garden, but he can only do so when Mellie is not present.

At 5pm each evening, Mellie will leave her garden and return home to cook a meal for herself and her husband.[5] Mellie will cook using their outdoor wood stove, just beside their home. Mellie will comment about how her husband is such a picky eater and cannot stand to eat carrots.[6]

At 8pm Mellie will head back home to her house where we she will fall asleep.[7] Link can wake her up up and Mellie will confuse Link for her husband. She jokes that she's still alive, commenting that her husband occasionally would wake her up to make sure she was still breathing.[8] Once awake, she has trouble getting back to bed.[9]

Mellie will sleep until 6am, when she will get up and walk back over to her plum garden.[10]

Tears of the Kingdom

Mellie can still be found in Kakariko Village. She is thinking about Nanna, who has become sick after encountering Gloom. Mellie can be found near her plum garden, worried that the newcomers to the Village may trample on it. She has allowed Cori to plant a Sundelion in the garden, so the Zonai Survey Team can research the effects of it.



  1. Plums symbolize endurance and prosperity. They way they persevere through the harshness of winter and flower at the first sign of spring... We Sheikah strive to live in harmony with our environment and consider plum trees the silent guardians of our village. These plums were planted by Impa on the day I was born. They're special to me, so I keep a close watch on them. - Mellie
  2. HEY! What are you doing?! These plum trees... I've been raising them my whole life. They've grown as I've grown. They're...part of me. When these trees eventually rot and fall will I. That's why I've painstakingly raised them with all the love I can muster. So as long as I'm around, there's no way I'll let you mess with my plum garden! - Mellie
  3. Like I said... You are NOT allowed in here! What if something happens to my plum trees? What if something happens to ME?! For goodness' sake... Just leave a poor old lady alone! You rascal! - Mellie
  4. Darn whippersnapper! - Mellie
  5. Let's see here... I gotta sort the old man's supper... What should we have today? - Mellie
  6. Just between you and me, it's not that my old Olkin really hates Steen... he just can't stand carrots! I don't get what it is about men. So petty... - Mellie
  7. It got dark quick today, didn't it? Young one, you should know the roads are dangerous at night. Be careful. - Mellie
  8. Yeah, yeah. I'm still alive. It's fine-don't worry... Huh? Oh! Sorry, I thought you were my old Olkin. My breath is so shallow when I sleep, sometimes my Olkin gets worried and wakes me up. I don't know what it is about men. Constantly worrying... - Mellie
  9. Welp, now I'm completely awake... - Mellie
  10. Morning. Hmm, I suppose I should go see how my sweet plum trees are doing... - Mellie