A Link to the Past Walkthrough – Ice Palace

10.1 Overworld Goodies

With the Titan’s Mitt, Link now has access to both the Ice Palace and Misery Mire, which can be completed in any order. Furthermore, there are plenty of Overworld goodies that Link can now collect.

Exit the Village of Outcasts to the south and walk westward to find a frog-like creature bouncing around. Now that Link has the Titan’s Mitt, he can lift the heavy skulls that are in the way. Speak with frog and he will begin to follow you. Return to the Village of Outcasts and head east a screen.

Use Magic Mirror and the frog will turn into a swordsmith. Enter the house here to reunite the two swordsmiths, then exit the house and reenter it. Speak with the swordsmiths and they’ll offer to temper your sword for just 10 rupees.

Exit the house and head back left a screen. Then walk right a screen and re-enter the house. Speak with the swordsmiths to get back your Tempered Sword. This item will allow Link to deal significantly more damage.

Step back into the portal to return to the Dark World. Walk over to the area where the smith’s house had been in the Light World. Just south of the house there are a number of stakes. Pound all of them with your Magic Hammer and a staircase will appear. Walk down into the cave and grab the Piece of Heart that is found here.

In the Dark World, make your way to where the swordsmiths’ house was and you’ll find a treasure chest that has been left behind. Walk up to it to examine it. Link is unable to open it, but it will it will follow behind Link when he walks around. Link cannot use the Pegasus Shoes during this time, as it will cause the treasure chest to be left behind. Lift the rock and walk west to reach the Village of Outcasts.

Use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. If you have the Flute, use it and warp over to location 7 in the Great Swamp. From there walk westward as if you are heading towards the Desert. Speak to the man that is sitting next to the sign post and agree not to tell his secret. He will open the treasure chest for you, giving you the 4th and final Bottle.

Use the Flute and warp over to the 6th location in the Desert. Lift the heavy rock to the right and step into the portal to enter the Dark World.

Jump off the ledge and run northward. Enter the pathway at the northwest portion of the swamp to reach a cave. There are a pair of treasure chests here, one containing some rupees and another containing a Piece of Heart.

Back outside in the swamp area, make your way to the northeast corner of the swamp. Stand near the corner and use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. Lift the large rock here and enter the cave to find another Piece of Heart. Push the blocks out of the way to reach the Heart Piece.

At this point you are now ready to tackle either the Ice Palace or Misery Mire. The Ice Palace is the next ordered dungeon, and can be found just below on this page. However, Misery Mire is right nearby and can also be accessed. Note, if you are playing the Super Nintendo version of the game, or any subsequent releases of it, getting the item from Misery Mire will make the Ice Palace a bit easier. If you are playing the Game Boy Advance version, there is no advantage to doing Misery Mire first.

10.2 Finding the Dungeon

In the Light World, play the Flute and warp over to the 8th warp location. Jump into the lake and swim towards the center of Lake Hylia. Climb onto the island and lift the heavy rock to find a warp portal leading to the Dark World. Enter the Dark World and step into the next dungeon, the Ice Palace.

10.3 Ice Palace

The first several floors of the Ice Palace are fairly linear and you shouldn’t have much trouble. You will need to have some magic to get through the early portions of this dungeon. In the first room walk to the north end and an enemy Freezor will appear. Use the Fire Rod to melt the enemy and head through to the next room.

The bottom most enemy in this room is holding a small key. Defeat the enemy and head through the locked door to the floor below.

Step on the floor switch in the corner of the room and continue onward to the next room. Push the block and head south a room. You can immediately turn around and head back to the previous screen, but if you’d like, you can use Bombos to quickly defeat the Pengators, allowing you to acquire the Compass.

Back in the block room, push the block northward and head right a screen. Lift the bottom skull and step on the floor switch to open the doors. Walk back to the left a screen.

Step on the floor switch, push the block, and this time head up a screen. Hit the crystal switch to lower the blue blocks. Place a bomb next to the crystal switch and then run to the top of the room. The bomb will blow up, lowering the orange blocks. Toss a bomb onto the cracked floor and dropped down to the floor below.

Walk to the northeast and southwest part of the room and two Stalfos Knights will drop down. Slash at them once with your sword and then place a bomb to blow them up, causing the door to open.

There is a series of Blue Bari and Babasu enemies in this room. The second Blue Bari must be defeated as it contains a small key. Grab it and head through to the west end of the room. Make sure the crystal switch is on orange and then head through the locked door.

Lift the pot at the southwest corner of the room to find the floor switch and then make your way to the right a screen. Ignore the enemies and continue down to the floor below.

There is a series of Pengators in this room. If you have the Bombos or Quake Medallion, just use it once to defeat all of the enemies at once. Trigger the Blade Trap and then quickly run by, going through the door to the left. Run to the left side of the room and climb down the steps.

At the floor below, just fall down the crack on the right side of the room. Walk to the right two screens. The first pot just north of the entrance you came through contains a small key, so be sure to grab it. Then lift the top-right block of the four isolated blocks to find a floor switch. Step on it and head down a screen.

Quickly run by the fire and head left a screen. If you are struggling to get by the Guruguru Bar, you can use the Magic Cape and carefully walk across the ice. Lift the pot and step on the floor switch to create a treasure chest. Open up the chest to get a small key and then head back the staircase.

Quickly run through this room and head through the locked door. Carefully make your way to the north end of the room and head through the door. Hookshot across the gap and head down a screen. Run passed the Blade Traps and head up the staircase.

Hookshot across the gap and head up the staircase at the top-right corner of the room. Use the Hammer to smash the moles and lift the rock to find a small key. Be careful of the rabbit beam, as well as the Stalfos Knights as you make your way to the left side of the room. Pull the tongue of the statue to open the door and head right a screen. If you’d like, there is a floor switch here that creates a treasure chest containing the Dungeon Map.

Climb the steps and lift the pots to reach the treasure chest. Open it up to get the Big Key and then head back down the stairs. Pull the tongue of the statue and head back left a room, and then down the staircase.

Lift the pot and step on the floor switch to create a treasure chest on the left. Use the Hookshot to reach the chest, then open it to get another small key. Quickly dash across to the room to the left and then head down the staircase.

Back in this room, you can use the Fire Rod to defeat the two Freezors, causing a treasure chest with some bombs to appear. Use a bomb to blow a crack in the floor to the left. Fall down the crack to the left to reach the floor below.

Open the large treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Blue Mail! This will decrease the amount of damage taken by one-half. Push the blocks and head right a screen. Use the Big Key to head through the locked door. Use a small key on the next locked door to get down to the floor below.

NOTE: If you are playing the Super Nintendo version of this game AND you have already acquired the dungeon item from Misery Mire, there is a big shortcut here. You can lift the pot and use the Cane of Somaria to place a block on the floor switch, allowing you to head down a screen and quickly reach the dungeon boss.

Use the small key on the locked door to the right. Hit the crystal switch so that the blue blocks have been lowered. Now return left a screen, up a screen, and then head up the staircase.

With the blue blocks lowered, you can fall off the ledges here if you’d like to reach a secret fairy fountain. Otherwise head back down a screen.

At this point you have to backtrack through several rooms of the dungeon. Go right a screen, down a screen, left a screen, and then back up the stairs.

Run through the door above to get back to this long room. This time, lift the pots on the right side of the dungeon to find a floor switch. Step on it and head through the door to the left. Fall down the hole to get back to the large treasure room and once again head right a screen.

Now that you are back on the left side of the room with the blue blocks lowered, you can push them down to the floor below. Push the lower block to the right and then fall down behind it. Lift the pot and push the block down onto the floor switch. With the door open, head down to the room below.

There is a hole underneath the large block at the bottom-left of the room. Lift the pots, pull the statue, hammer the moles, and lift the large block to reveal the hole. Drop down to take on the dungeon boss, Kholdstare.

Kholdstare will begin the battle encased in a large solid piece of ice. Ice will fall from the ceiling, landing on the floor and then splitting in four directions. Link must use a fire attack in order to defeat this first simple phase. It will take 8 shots with the Fire Rod, or alternatively and more efficiently, a single use of the Bombos Medallion to defeat the first phase of Kholdstare.

During the second phase, Kholdstare will split into three large eyeballs of ice and move around the room. Ice will still continue to fall from the ceiling. It can be difficult to avoid the falling ice, as well as the three eyeballs. During this phase, Link must attack each of the eyeballs, and can do so with a variety of items. The Fire Rod is the must effective item as it will take four direct shots to defeat each eyeball. If Link has the Tempered Sword, it will take six sword slashes to defeat each eye.

Another strategy to defeating Kholdstare is to use the Cane of Byrna. While the actual beam surrounding the cane will not harm Kholdstare, it will allow Link to aggressively attack with his sword, without having to worry about taking any damage.

After Kholdstare has been defeated, be sure to grab the Heart Container to increase your total health and then grab the Crystal to speak with the Maiden.

  • Damien

    You have to low down the blue blocks so follow the way of the upper door.When back fall in one of those two holes ,use teleportation take the
    stairs down right down left and again the stairs.follow your way and lift the skull in the middel at the next room take the left door and jump
    now your back to the left side of that room.

  • jackle

    Compared to this dungeon the water temple is child’s play. This dungeon unaided took far longer to complete than did the water temple.

  • Carlos Fernandez

    Fun fact, you can go in without the Fire Rod and complete the entire dungeon still. You just use the medallion Bombos instead… for everything. I learned this because I decided to say ‘screw it’ and take on the dungeons in whatever order I wanted… within reason. Can’t exactly do that with Turtle Rock.

  • AnonymousMidget

    Works fine in the GBA version

  • Alex Richardson the third

    I like the quake better.

  • Lex

    “Fall down the hole to get back to the large treasure room and once again head right a screen.”

    The room to the right is not the room showed in the picture. I’m playing the Gameboy Advance version, so are those rooms different?

    This has gotten me completely stuck…

  • Josh

    Yes, the Ice Palace is slightly different in the GBA version. This walkthrough does not account for that at the moment.

  • Guardian

    Do you have this saved somewhere, along with the other dungeon reviews?
    Can’t access it now.

  • Christy Richard

    helppp please!!
    okay so i got the frog and brought him to the light world but once i was done getting my sword tempered i went back outside to get in the portal but it wouldnt let me.
    im sorry if this sounds confusing im not good with explaining.

  • Lizzeh

    It says there are four bottles. I only have two now! where do I find the other two?

  • Aj Guzman

    You get two bottles in Kakariko Village.

    One from the merchant and the other by entering a house in the bottom right of Kakariko from the back (The house with the man wondering about his flute playing son’s whereabouts)

    The third bottle you get by swimming under the bridge to Hyrule Castle. A man will be sleeping in a camp set up under the bridge. Talk to him to get the bottle.

    The fourth and final bottle is in a locked chest. The chest appears where the Blacksmith is in the Dark World, and you have to bring the chest to the “Average Man” at the entrance to the Desert in the Light World. (To do this just make sure the chest is following you and Magic Mirror back to the Light World, and don’t use the Pegasus Boots to dash. You’ll leave the chest behind if you do) The “Average Man” in the Desert should unlock the chest for you. If not you can try talking to the Thief in the Thieves Hideout that is located in the Lost Woods, this NPC is the one that tells you about the “Average Man” and his identity.

    If you’re here in the Ice Palace then you should be able to get all these Bottles

  • Christopher Valentin

    Good morning. I’m in the Light World intending on entering Ice Palace. There is one slight problem with that. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve used cheats, but I can’t seem to lift the heavy rock over the portal leading into the Dark World, and I do have the Titan’s Mitt. May someone pls help me and give me a solution?

  • NinjaPiece

    That last part when you have to push the block before the boss is ridiculous. I never would have thought of it myself. Plus, the backtracking is too tedious.

  • k-chan

    OK, confusing me is no great feat. But this seems odd and I don’t remember noticing this when I played through when the game was released, lo these many years ago. So, this seems a bit weird:

    When activating the Sahasrahla panel, I’m told the Skeleton Knight cannot be defeated with the sword alone. But, I most certainly did just that. Even tried a few more times to make sure I wasn’t somehow dropping a bomb without realizing it, but no… he’s definitely defeatable using only the sword.

    I did use the upgraded sword the blacksmiths gave me, could that be the reason?
    Also, this is a rom I’m playing and not the physical game cartridge. Could that be it?
    Or, is it just a weird ‘smh’ thing and Sahasrahla’s advice is simply wrong?

  • k-chan

    ‘tedious’ is an apt adjective when describing many tasks in this game.
    i’m an ocd backtracker, anyway so that part doesn’t bother me so much but the spike trap rooms with those icy and sliding floors have elicited some quite colorful language from me.

  • k-chan

    2 months and no one has answered you… such poor netiquette!
    maybe no one knows the answer. i don’t either.

    not to be a smart-ass but are you certain you have the titan’s mitt?
    as for using cheats; it wouldn’t be my first guess but i’m no expert. i guess it is within reason to suggest that altering gameplay in a way the developers didn’t intend could cause gameplay glitches elsewhere in the game.

    (why use cheats in this game though? it’s one of the best snes titles and is immensely enjoyable playing it as intended. there may be some difficult and headache inducing challenges but they provide a strong sense of accomplishment and progression when completing them. i would think that by using cheats you’re actually cheating yourself out of fully experiencing this great game. just my opinion.)

  • NinjaPiece

    There’s only a few things that bug me about this game. That block is one of them. It does nothing but make the dungeon even longer.

  • k-chan

    same. and of the few things that bug me, none of them bug me enough to say they harm the overall gameplay. great game, even with the ‘tedious’ parts. (^ – ^)b

  • SlutMagnet

    You can definitely defeat the Stalfos Knight without the bomb. I guess Sahahsrahla is trying to say that it’s easier to do with a bomb, or some localisation bug.

  • SlutMagnet

    It’s amazing that I knew I had to push the block but I got stuck on the Gargoyle’s entrance because I forgot you could pull the trident/pitchfork and I tried everything. I feel stupid sometimes.

  • SlutMagnet

    You have a very narcissistic tone in your comments.

  • NinjaPiece

    I had that problem in Twilight Princess. In the Arbiter’s Grounds, there’s a big block you have to pull. It didn’t look like all the other blocks, so I didn’t know what to do with it. I tried pushing, climbing, and slashing, but none of it worked. I can’t remember if I figured it out by myself, but I was stuck on it for a while…

  • k-chan

    maybe sahahsrahla is just an overly dramatic pessimistic worry-wart. 😛

  • SlutMagnet

    True for most video game characters.

  • nomad

    This must be a reference to the Master Stalfos from Link’s Awakening, which you had to beat using bombs. Maybe they intended to make it work like that in Link to the Past and just never got around to it.

  • Nex

    I believe your problem is that you are not ready to be at the Ice Palace. You said you are in Light World and have a power glove. Maybe it is your first upgrade and not the 2nd which is the Titans Mitt.

    You might be looking for ;

    Chapter 4 – Tower of Hera

    Chapter 5 – Hyrule Castle Tower

    Hoped I could help

  • Ably.Saucey

    Oh joy, an Ice dungeon.

  • Ably.Saucey

    One use of the bombos medallion and then let the eyes have it with the fire rod.

  • Ilbirs


    I know a simpler way to open this gate: instead of going up and down until the right rock to be pushed is nearby the button, go to Misery Mire until the chest where the Cane of Somaria is guarded:


    Get out from Misery Mire, go to Ice Palace and the task becomes way easier. Other people already knew this tip, as can be seen here, but I knew this in the first half of the 1990s in times when internet wasn’t available to the average citizen.

  • Jarkes

    I don’t get it. You mention several times that the dungeon is slightly different in the GBA version, but then once you get to the relevant section, you don’t actually explain HOW it’s different…