Staff Openings

Zelda Dungeon has a large staff of talented people who create and maintain everything from detailed guides, Zelda-related news, opinionated editorials, our sites YouTube channel, and our various social media hubs. There are a few more staff we have on our wish list, however, and those positions are listed below. If you would like to help out at Zelda Dungeon, but don’t fill one of those roles, you can still send in an application and we will check it out.

News Reporter

  • Find and type-up Zelda related news for the front page of the website.
  • Communicate frequently with fellow staff members on Skype to coordinate news postings.
  • Proper grammar and a strong grasp for the English language is essential for this position.
  • News reporters should be able to make a minimum of 2-3 news posts per week.

Editorial/Article Writers

  • Create blog-like posts for the website, including response pieces to recent Zelda news, speaking about specific aspects of a particular game or the series as a whole, or any other opinionated pieces related to the series.
  • Create countdown material, including top-5 favorite lists for dungeons, music, items. Perhaps talking about things that were left out of a game, or ideas for future Zelda titles.
  • Create discussion questions or polls to encourage fan interaction.
  • Editorial writers should be able to create a piece at least once a week.

Weekly Columnists

  • Create a feature that is posted weekly at a set time.
  • Past features included weekly artwork features, comic strips, featured music, etc… In particular we are looking for more unique ideas though, such as our recently launched weekly column highlighting Zelda Collectibles.

Video Content Specialists

  • Create discussion questions, video blogs, and responses to Zelda news. Some video editing knowledge is required.
  • We are looking for Let’s Players to play through unofficial Fan-Games and other titles that are similar to Zelda games. While not as extensive as a full walkthrough, we have a quality threshold that must be reached. Some experience is required.
  • Video Walkthroughs for Zelda games we currently do not have covered. Note: this position requires extensive prior experience and we have extremely high quality standards for walkthroughs.

Walkthrough/Content Writers

  • Most of our content is created on our Zelda Wiki. Anybody can Create an Account and started editing immediately.
  • Walkthrough writers work on the specific games. This includes improving, or in some cases, rewriting existing guides. Applicants should have the ability to capture high quality in-game screenshots.

Social Media Coordinator

  • Zelda Dungeon uses Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other smaller social media websites. Coordinators must be able to interact with fans on a daily basis.
  • Coordinators can post fan artwork, comics, memes, and other images.
  • Fans can raised discussion questions to engage with the audience.

You Will Need Skype
The staff of Zelda Dungeon use Skype, a free, third party instant messenger program that excels at voice communication, which we use to chat vocally and work on some projects as a team. If we wish to review your application further, you will need to download it so that we can schedule an interview.

We do not pay our staff
Zelda Dungeon is just a fan site and we cannot pay people to work here. Although it is just volunteer work, in some cases hardware and/or software can be provided to you to help increase productivity.

Content written for Zelda Dungeon belongs to the site
If you decide to leave Zelda Dungeon, you may keep anything that you’ve written, but it will also remain a part of Zelda Dungeon.

We want people who are committed
Zelda Dungeon has gone through several different staff members in the past. Please, only submit an application if you are absolutely dedicated to working for the site. We are only looking for the best here at Zelda Dungeon.

Each position has its own direct requirements which are listed in their job description.
For any content position, website experience is highly recommended.
Time! You must be able to devote several hours a week for work on site content. If it is too low on your list of priorities, you will inevitably lose interest and we will lose a staff member, which we always want to avoid.
Proper grammar and spelling are necessary for anyone applying to write content with text.
A microphone is not required, but highly recommended, as voice staff chats occur frequently.
Must have Skype to communicate with the staff.

Still interested? =)
All applications are done directly through Skype. If you are interested in joining the team you should contact Mases directly. His Skype username is armochicken13.