• I played it as a kid on SNES, tried it on an emulator 12 years ago and just bought the Wii U VC version.

    I’d say if you haven’t already (being 4 mos.) just download it on Wii U VC. You can save anywhere anyway on the VC version.

  • Jeff G

    Thanks for replying. Since the time I originally posted, I found an SNES cartridge and played it end to end. One of my favs so I have no regrets and glad I own it for my collection.

    If there was one reason I would pick VC over original, it would be simply do I had the option of playing on either the tv or the Wii U controller screen.

  • Eclipse Agario

    In SNES version it has already the 4 swords too.

  • Ike

    Press r