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This is a list of bosses that appear in Ocarina of Time.


Queen Gohma

Main article: Queen Gohma

Full Title: Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Gohma. Queen Gohma is the first boss that appears in Ocarina of Time, located in the Great Deku Tree. Queen Gohma will initially climb to the ceiling. Once there, she will lay eggs, which will hatch into Gohma Larva. Once on the ground, Gohma will attack by lurching upwards and falling. Once she has fallen, she will be vulnerable. If she is hit in the eye with a Deku Seed or with the Fairy Slingshot, she will be stunned, and vulnerable to attack from the Kokiri Sword.

King Dodongo

Main article: King Dodongo

Full Title: Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo. King Dodongo is the second boss that Link faces, located in the Dodongo's Cavern. He will attack using his fire breath, and by rolling. When he breathes in for his fire breath, Link needs to throw a bomb into his mouth. King Dodongo will consume it and become stunned. Once he is stunned, he will be vulnerable to the Kokiri Sword.


Main article: Barinade

Full Title: Bio-Electric Anemone: Barinade. Barinade is the third boss, and the final boss that Young Link faces. It is located Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Barinade will have a variety of attacks, including a multitude of Giant Biri, an electrical laser, as well as quickly ramming into Link. The boomerang must be used in order to stun it, and once stunned, it can be attacked by the Kokiri Sword. It goes through four different phases throughout battle.

Phantom Ganon

Main article: Phantom Ganon (Ocarina of Time)

Full Title: Evil Spirit From Beyond: Phantom Ganon. Phantom Ganon is the fourth boss in Ocarina of Time, the first Link faces as an adult. He is found at the end of the Forest Temple. Phantom Ganon's first attack pattern includes him attacking from the various portraits in the boss room. He will appear to be riding up the pathway to exit the portrait. There will also be several different fakes, red herrings to confuse and delay Link from attacking. Link must shoot the correct Phantom Ganon with the Fairy Bow in order to deal damage. After it has been damaged enough, it will float around, shooting electical orbs. Link must deflect them with his sword, and Phantom Ganon will reciprocate the attack, resulting in a fight similar to tennis. After it has been hit back enough times, it will hit Phantom Ganon, and he will be stunned. Strike him with the Master Sword while he is down.


Main article: Volvagia

Full Title: Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia. Volvagia is the fifth boss, found in the Fire Temple. Volvagia will, at first, stick its head out of one of the many holes in the platform located in the boss room. Once it has done so, Link needs to hit it with the Megaton Hammer. This will damage it, and cause it to fly in the air. Volvagia has two attack cycles: it will follow Link and breathe fire at him, or it will go up in the air and send down rocks to crush him. After the sequence ends, it will return to one of the holes in the platform, then pop out of another random hole. Once it has been hit in the face with the Megaton Hammer enough, it will be defeated.


Main article: Morpha

Full Title: Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha. Morpha is the sixth boss Link encounters, located deep within the Water Temple. Morpha is the orb found in the water of the boss room. It will manipulate said water to create tentacles that will grab Link and throw him around. Link must use the Longshot in order to pull out Morpha from the water. Once out, it will be vulnerable to the Master Sword. To avoid taking any damage during this fight, stand in one of the corners of the boss room.

Bongo Bongo

Main article: Bongo Bongo

Full Title: Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo. Bongo Bongo is the seventh Boss, found inside the Shadow Temple. It will attack by smacking the platform below Link, which creates some difficulty in Z-Targeting. He also attacks by sweeping his hands towards Link, knocking him off the platform, grabbing and crushing, among many other maneuvers. There are several strategies associated in defeating Bongo Bongo, all of which include attacking his hands, then using the Lens of Truth to see his eye. Once his red eye is visible, it must be shot with the Fairy Bow, which will stun it. Once it is stunned, Link can attack his eye with the Master Sword. The Ice Arrows obtained in the Gerudo's Fortress can be beneficial in this boss battle. Shoot one at a hand and while the other hand is trying to break the ice, you can use the Lens of Truth and stun Bongo Bongo like normal.


Main article: Twinrova

Full Title: Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova. Twinrova is the eighth boss, located within the Spirit Temple. There are two different sections to their battle. The first involves deflecting the element that one of the sisters may fire at you (ice/fire) with the Mirror Shield, and aiming it at the other. After they have been damaged enough, the second phase will begin. They will fuse together, making one single, younger entity. This round involves a similar battling style. One element will shoot, and Link must absorb the element with the Mirror Shield. He must absorb the same element three times in a row. After this has been done, it will shoot out of the shield, and will stun Twinrova. If the wrong element is absorbed, the shield will lose the element, and Link must start over. After Twinrova is stunned, she may be attacked with the Master Sword.


Main article: Ganon

Full Title: Great King of Evil: Ganondorf. Ganondorf is the ninth boss, encountered at the very top of Ganon's Castle. Ganondorf will attack using the same tennis style attack as Phantom Ganon, with additional attacks thrown in. Along with the electrical ball tennis attack is the collective energy ball, where he will charge a large energy ball above his head, releasing many out all at once (either shoot him with Light Arrows when he starts the attack, or deflect it with a spin attack). He will also thrust his fist against the ground, causing a wave of energy. This usually occurs when Link jumps underneath him. To defeat Ganondorf, knock back the energy ball attacks with the Sword, Megaton Hammer, or a Bottle until they hit Ganondorf. He will shroud himself, coated in electrical energy. Shoot him with the Light Arrows in order to bring him down, then strike him with the sword.


Main article: Ganon

Ganon is the tenth and final Boss in Ocarina of Time. Ganon attacks with his two giant swords, and there are varying methods in defeating Ganon. One of which is to fire Light Arrows at his head, momentarily stunning him. Another is to rapidly hit him with the Longshot while circling around him. One last way is to roll between his legs. Once behind him, Link must hit his tail with either the Megaton Hammer, the Biggoron's Sword, or Light Arrows. About halfway through the battle, Ganon will fall, and get hit with a beam of light, caused by Princess Zelda. The ring of fire will dissipate, and Link can recover the Master Sword. Once he returns to battle, Ganon will rise, and the fire will return. Link can resume fighting him in the same way, and can continue without using the Master Sword, but in order to completely defeat Ganon, he must have the Master Sword in his hands, and it must be used to deliver the final blow.



Lizalfos Artwork (Ocarina of Time).png
Main article: Lizalfos#Ocarina of Time

Lizalfos are mini-bosses located in the Dodongo's Cavern, Jabu-Jabu's Belly, the Fire Temple, and the Water Temple. Link must target them and hold up his shield. If they attack him, they will lose their footing for a short period of time, allowing Link to attack them. They are able to dodge attacks and can jump to other platforms, which they generally do after two strikes. When there are more than one Lizalfos, they will never fight Link at the same time. Deku Nuts can also serve as a stunning method.

Big Octo

Big Octo - OOT64 Art.png
Main article: Big Octo

The Big Octo is a larger version of the Octorok. This mini-boss is found within Jabu-Jabu's Belly. It is located in a small, round room with a rotating platform edged with spines in the middle, which helps Link determine which way he is going. The Big Octo moves across the room, occasionally changing direction. When Link stuns it or is hit by it, the Big Oct spins around. The only way that it is dealt damage is by being sliced on a knob on its back. Link must stun it with the Boomerang and then stun it again once it starts spinning to get it to point backwards, letting Link slash at it. After four slashes with the Kokiri Sword, the Big Octo dies.

Poe Sisters

Poe Sisters.png
Main article: Poe Sisters

Flare Dancer

OOT - Flare Dancer.png
Main article: Flare Dancer

White Wolfos

Main article: White Wolfos

Dark Link

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Dead Hand

Main article: Dead Hand

Iron Knuckle

Red Iron Knuckle - OOT64 art.png
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