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This article is about the Great Deku Tree. For the dungeon, see Inside the Deku Tree.
Great Deku Tree
Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time





Ocarina of Time
Great Deku Tree's Meadow
The Wind Waker
Forest Haven
Breath of the Wild
Korok Forest
Cadence of Hyrule
Deku Village


Voice Actor

Sean Chiplock (English; Breath of the Wild-onward)



Deku Tree (Theme) (Ocarina of Time)

The Great Deku Tree is a recurring guardian deity in The Legend of Zelda series.

Ocarina of Time

Great Deku Tree (door open) from Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree is in charge of watching over Link and the other Kokiri children in the Kokiri Forest.[1][2][3] He watches over the Kokiri and is the guardian of the Kokiri Forest. He is considered responsible and wise. This is evidenced by the fact that Link's Mother trusted the Great Deku Tree to watch over Link during the wars that dominated when she was alive. At the beginning of the game, the Great Deku Tree orders Navi to bring Link over to him. He assigns a Fairy for each Kokiri in the forest, Navi being Link's companion throughout the game. The Great Deku Tree protects each of the Kokiri and saves them from the outside world of Hyrule and its horrors. Unfortunately, his death later allows monsters to sweep in and infest the once peaceful forest.

After being cursed by Ganondorf, the Great Deku Tree sends Navi to summon Link.[4] When the two return, he informs Link of the curse and requests that he go enter his mouth in an attempt to eliminate the curse and "demonstrate his courage".[5] Link successfully defeats the evil, Queen Gohma, dwelling inside the tree. [6][7]

The Great Deku Tree then tells the tale of how Hyrule came to be. He explains the story of the Golden Goddesses. He then gives Link the Kokiri's Emerald.[8] However, it is too late. The curse has taken its toll, killing the Great Deku Tree. Some of his last words advise Link to go to Hyrule Castle to meet the Princess of Destiny" which leads to the events of the game.[9][10][11][12]

After Link wakes up from his seven-year slumber, he discovers that the Kokiri Forest is now infested with monsters. The Kokiri say this started happening after the death of the Great Deku Tree. When Link completes the Forest Temple, Link is transported back to the Kokiri Forest where he watches the Deku Tree Sprout grow in front of the dead Great Deku Tree. It is speculated that the Deku Tree Sprout is in fact the Great Deku Tree from The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker

Deku Tree from The Wind Waker

The Great Deku Tree is first seen covered in red and green ChuChus. After removing them, Link meets the Koroks. The Great Deku Tree sends Link to find Makar, the smallest Korok, who has been blown into the Forbidden Woods. He also gives Link the Deku Leaf. Link must use Baba Buds to get to the top of the Deku Tree and obtain the Deku Leaf.

After Link completes the third dungeon of the game, the Koroks' annual ceremony goes ahead, and the Deku Tree sets seed for the Koroks to spread across the Great Sea, then answers any of Link's questions about Koroks. He also says that the Forest Water in Forest Haven is special and marks the places of Withered Forest Trees on the Sea Chart.

He is also seen as a caretaker here. He is furious and deeply concerned about Makar's disappearance into the Forbidden Woods. This shows that the Great Deku Tree cares about the Koroks, his "cherished little children", and seeks to protect them at all times.

Breath of the Wild

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Concept art of the Great Deku Tree for Breath of the Wild.

In Breath of the Wild, the Great Deku Tree resides with the Koroks in the Korok Forest. He guards the Master Sword, which rests in front of him. A hundred years ago, Zelda asked him to keep the Master Sword safe for Link for when he returned.

Age of Calamity

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Tears of the Kingdom

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Character art of the Great Deku Tree for Tears of the Kingdom.

Echoes of Wisdom

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Expected release: 26 September 2024
Great Deku Tree from Echoes of Wisdom

The Great Deku Tree appears in Echoes of Wisdom. In the trailer, Zelda is seen walking up to him, where there is a stone plaque bearing the Triforce for her to stand upon.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Stage Faron Woods.jpg

The Great Deku Tree is at the centre of the Faron Woods stage. He is hollow and non-speaking, but hosts a keep.

He is set on fire during the The Sorceress of the Woods scenario of Legend Mode, and the player must summon a Great Fairy to put the flames out.

Battle Quest

The Deku Tree makes an appearance in the Nintendo Land Plaza.

"This is a faithful re-creation of the great forest guardian, the Deku Tree. Are you feeling exhausted? How would you like to kick back and take a rest under the canopy of the Deku Tree? No, that wouldn't be terrifying at all."

Battle Quest in-game description.

Cadence of Hyrule

In Cadence of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree appears in the Future World in the Symphony of the Mask DLC on the screen directly north of the Deku Village. When Skull Kid visits him, he tasks the boy to find the Skull Mask in the crypt beneath him. After Skull Kid retrieves it, the Great Deku Tree sends him on a quest to vanquish Ganon. Shortly afterwards, the Great Deku Tree dies.




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