Link's Cow

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Link's Cow








Link (owner)
Malon (former owner)

Link's Cow is an animal that Link can win in Ocarina of Time. After Link has acquired Epona from Lon Lon Ranch, he can talk to Malon and play a mini-game. Malon will set up an Obstacle Course and Link, on Epona, must beat Malon's best time in order to win. As his reward for winning, Malon will give Link a present, but states that it is too heavy to give right here. Instead, she will deliver it to his house in Kokiri Forest.[1]

When Link returns to his house in Kokiri Forest, he will find the cow. At any point, Link can play Epona's Song for his cow, which reminds the cow of the ranch, making her feel good so that she can produce some Lon Lon Milk that Link can store in a Bottle.[2]

After Link beats Malon's time in the mini-game, it is unclear how exactly the cow was brought to Kokiri Forest and lifted into Link's treehouse. This is particularly more complicated as Link can win his cow before completing the Forest Temple, at which time Kokiri Forest is still infested with monsters.



  1. "You did it! is the new course record! I have to give you a present to commemorate your new record! The present is a little too heavy to give to you here, so I'll have it delivered to your house. Bet you can't wait to see it! Hee hee!" — Malon, Ocarina of Time.
  2. "Moooooooooo! What a nice song... It reminds me of the pasture... That song makes me feel so good, I can produce a lot of milk!" — Link's Cow, Ocarina of Time.