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Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper




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The Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper is a character from Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

The Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper is the guard at the gate to the Death Mountain Trail. He is one of three Hyrulean Soldiers assigned to guard Kakariko Village when Link is a child. He will not allow anyone to go to Death Mountain unless they are given permission from the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Once Link reaches Kakariko Village after meeting Zelda, the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper teases Link about how he cannot pass through the gate unless given permission by the Royal Family.[1] Once Link gives Zelda's Letter to the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper, he will allow Link to go through the gate.[2] After this, the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper will become more friendly towards Link, leading him to worry about Link's safety on Death Mountain. He will even give Link a discount on a Hylian Shield at the Bazaar in Hyrule Castle Town, making the shield 50 Rupees instead of 80.[3]

After giving all of his advice to Link, the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper will ask Link to do him a favor. His son wants the Keaton Mask that the Happy Mask Shop is selling. However, he has no time to leave his post and go to the Happy Mask Shop. He then asks Link to retrieve the mask for him. Once Link returns with the Keaton Mask, the guard will pay 15 Rupees for it.[4][5] However, if Link refuses to sell the mask to him, the guard will be angered and will close the gate until Link sells it to him, but once Link leaves Kakariko Village or enters and exits a building, the gate will be opened. After buying the Keaton Mask, the guard will wear the mask even though it's ostensibly for his son.

After returning to Kakariko Village seven years later, the guard is nowhere to be found.


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