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Artwork of Young Malon in Ocarina of Time






Ocarina of Time
Lon Lon Ranch
Oracle of Seasons
Talon & Malon's House within North Horon
Four Swords Adventures
The Field
The Minish Cap
Hyrule Town


Talon (father)[1]
Romani (young Terminian counterpart)
Cremia (adult Terminian counterpart)

Malon is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. She, and her father, Talon, work on Lon Lon Ranch, selling Milk to the town, as well as raising Cows, Cuccos, and Horses.

Ocarina of Time

Malon is a farm girl who works and lives in Lon Lon Ranch with her father Talon and the ranch hand, Ingo. She has red hair and pointed Hylian ears, dressed in simple farm clothes and brown boots, and as an Easter egg from Nintendo, she also wears a Bowser pin.

Link first meets Malon when he reaches Hyrule Castle Town for the first time. She refers to Link as a "Fairy Boy", due to Navi being his companion. She tells Link she hasn't seen her father in a while and asks Link to look for him, giving Link a Weird Egg and sends him on his way. At daybreak, the egg will hatch into a Cucco, which crows to wake Talon up when Link finds him sleeping by the back door to Hyrule Castle.

Malon then returns to the ranch with Talon and can be found there throughout the game. She has a special bond with Epona, one of the horses at the ranch. Malon will teach Link Epona's Song, a song her mother composed, which allows Link to bond with and summon Epona to his location. Malon often sings Epona's Song and can be heard singing at Lon Lon Ranch, both day and night. Once he learns Epona's Song, Link can play it to any Cow found throughout Hyrule, which will produce Lon Lon Milk.

When Link returns to Lon Lon Ranch seven years later, Ingo has taken over and Talon is gone. Malon, however, is still working there because she fears the mistreatment of the animals. After Link beats Ingo at the horse race and escapes the ranch with Epona, Ingo becomes much nicer and Talon comes back to run the ranch. Malon thanks Link for all his help, entrusts Epona to his care, and can be challenged to an Obstacle Course mini-game. If Link beats Malon's record time in a horse race, she gives Link a cow to keep in his home in the Kokiri Forest. This cow can supply Link with Lon Lon Milk at any time.

Oracle of Seasons

Malon and Talon breed cuccos north of Horon Village, near Eyeglass Lake. When Link first talks to her, she is alone, taking care of the cuccos. She has little experience in the subject, so Link gives her a Cuccodex. She gives him the Lon Lon Egg.

Four Swords Adventures

Malon FSAsprite.png In Four Swords Adventures, Malon can be found out in The Field during a storm. After seeing the Links speak to a green fairy, she asks them to accompany her home.[2] She has one heart of health; when she is killed, the Links immediately die too. A Force Fairy can be used to revive all of them.

Once she returns home to Talon, he greets her enthusiastically, expressing his worry for her well-being.[3] She explains how the Links helped her get home and mentions how Soldiers attacked her on the way.[4] Talon is surprised, but nevertheless thankful for her return.[5] In order to thank the Links, he allows them to ride a horse from his farm using a carrot.[6] In addition, he welcomes them to take any item from their storeroom.[7] Malon, of course, thanks them as well and says that she understands why they are friends with the green fairy.[8]

The Minish Cap


Malon is found in the front of Lon Lon Ranch, having been locked outside. Early in the game, she does not know where Talon is and cannot enter the hut. When Link returns later after first visiting Castor Wilds, Talon has returned, but he has lost the Key to the ranch. Malon has moved, revealing a tiny entrance to the house that Link can enter when in Minish form. Inside, Link finds the key and when he returns to normal size, he can give the key to Talon. After these events, Malon will start selling Lon Lon Milk in Hyrule Town.

At Lon Lon Ranch
MalonTalonLonLonRanch.gif This small ranch lies just outside

Hyrule Town. Father-and-daughter team Talon and Malon run it, and they sell the finest milk in Hyrule!


  • Malon is very similar in both appearance and name to Marin.
  • In Ocarina of Time, Malon wears a Bowser-faced brooch on her scarf, as well as Talon.



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