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Queen Ambi






Queen Ambi was the ruler of Lynna Village 400 years before the present day events of Oracle of Ages. She was known as being a fair and just queen, and was well respected by the townsman. This all changed when Veran, who possessed the body of Nayru, came from the future and started to manipulate the Queen's agenda. Ambi had been constructing Ambi's Tower, which she wanted to use to someday find her husband. However, Veran had convinced her to keep building the tower to the heavens, where she would someday be known as one of the great queens to ever rule. Queen Ambi sent every man in Lynna Village to work on the construction of what was now known as the Black Tower. Further manipulating Ambi, Veran had gotten most of the people close to Ambi to be sent away, ensuring Veran's power.

Veran was in need of Mystery Seeds and convinced Ambi to offer a reward to anybody that could bring them Mystery Seeds. Soon enough, Link showed up with Mystery Seeds and this led to a trade in which Queen Ambi gave Link some Bombs. Later in the quest when Ambi had left the palace, Link returned and freed Nayru from Veran. However, Queen Ambi soon returned and hinted that she had suspicions that Nayru had been corrupted. Before long, Veran was able to possess the body of Queen Ambi. Now with control over Queen Ambi, Veran pushed even harder for the Black Tower to be complete.

Ralph, who is a descendant of Queen Ambi, was willing to battle Veran when she was in Ambi's body, knowing full well that trying to defeat Ambi would in turn jeopardize his own existence. Ralph was unsuccessful, but Link stepped right in and was able to successfully separate Ambi's body from Veran. Ambi returned with her guard knights and wanted to fight alongside Link in defeated Veran once in for all.

After Link finally defeats Veran and returns to the present, he is shocked to see a statue of Link built in the middle of Lynna City and next to the Maku Tree. The statue's construction was ordered by Queen Ambi to honor the deeds of Link. After completing her journey, Nayru suggested to take a visit to another land. Queen Ambi took some time off to visit the land of Holodrum, where she found her long lost husband and admired the Sunken City.