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This is a list of characters found in Oracle of Ages.

Main Characters


Link (OoA).png
Main article: Link

Link is the Legendary Hero and the main protagonist within Oracle of Ages. After being summoned by the power of the Triforce, he awakens within a mysterious forest. Shortly after, he saves Impa who is being attacked by a group of Octoroks. The two then journey to meet up with Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. It is revealed that Impa was, at the time, being controlled by the Dark Sorceress Veran, who, after getting passed a block that only Link could move, possess Nayru and gains the power to travel through time. After traveling 400 years in the past, Veran's evil deeds start to alter the present, causing chaos throughout the land. It then becomes the goal of Link to stop Veran and save the land of Labrynna.Link overcomes obstacles in eight different dungeons,and meets a whole cast of characters in the past and present as he journeys through time to collect the eight Essences of Time. With the Essences in hand, Link restores the Maku Tree's memory, gains the power needed to defeat Veran, and lives up to his destiny as the Hero of the Essences. His journey also takes him to the land of Holodrum, where he must stop Onox there and prevent the resurrection of the Evil King Ganon, a deeper plan devised by the witches Koume and Kotake.


Main article: Ganon

After completing his adventures in both Labrynna and Holodrum, Link finds out that the cause of Veran's mischief was the result of a bigger plan devised by the witches Koume and Kotake to resurrect the evil king Ganon. The actions of Veran and Onox caused the Flames of Sorrow and the Flame of Destruction to be lit. In an attempt to light the third and final flame for their ritual, Twinrova kidnaps Princess Zelda to be used as a sacrifice. Although Link is able to defeat Twinrova and save Zelda from the ritual, he cannot stop the resurrection of Ganon, as Twinrova ends up sacrificing their own body as a vessel for the evil king.The resulting incarnation of Ganon lacks much intelligent thought, though he does show knowledge of who he is. Still, Ganon proves to be the toughest obstacle that Link must overcome if he is to restore peace to the world and take his destined place in history as the Legendary Hero. Through a Linked Game, Link can go to a secret altar where they fight Ganon.


Main article: Impa

Impa is the Royal Nurse for Princess Zelda and has cared for her since her birth. Impa was sent to Labrynna by Princess Zelda with instruction to bring Nayru back to Hyrule in order to protect her from shadows that surrounding her. Impa is saved from octoroks by Link while she was looking for Nayru and with Link's help she is able to reach the Oracle. However, it is revealed that Veran had been controlling Impa and used Link to reach Nayru and possess her body. After reverting to her normal self, she thanks Link for saving her and, upon seeing the symbol of the Triforce on Link's left hand, tells Link that he is the hero that must save this world. She gives him the Wooden Sword, entrusted to her by Princess Zelda. Impa then takes refuge in Nayru's House for much of the game. In a Linked Game, Impa gives Link a Wooden Shield instead of the Wooden Sword.

Maku Tree

Maku Tree (Ages).png
Main article: Maku Tree (Oracle of Ages)

The Maku Tree can be found in Lynna City and Lynna Village at the northeast part of town. The Maku Tree, who is female, is the guardian of Labrynna who Link first encounters shortly after Veran possesses Nayru's body and travels back in time. During their conversation, the Maku Tree suddenly disappears. Upon travelling back in time to investigate, Link finds the young Maku Tree being attacked by a group of Moblins. Link saves the Maku Tree, which negates her disappearance in the present. As a result of saving her life, the Maku Tree then falls in love with Link. Upon returning to the present, the Maku Tree instructs Link to gather the eight Essences of Time so that she may regain her memory. With them, Link helps the Maku Tree to regain her memory so that she can aid Link putting a stop to Veran.


Main article: Nayru (Oracle)

Nayru is a young, wise, and serene woman who has one of the finest voices in all of Labrynna. She spends her days singing to both the humans and animals of the land, as well as occasionally playing her Harp of Ages. However, Nayru's true identity is that of the Oracle of Ages, which grants her the power to control the currents of time. Nayru has a close friend from her childhood in Ralph, who also serves as her protector and is always nearby. Veran, after posing as Impa and manipulating Link, is able to gain access to Nayru and take control over her body. With the power of the Oracle of Ages, Veran gains the ability to travel back 400 years into the past and wreak havok throughout Labrynna, thus affecting the events of the present. One of Link's first objectives then is to not just stop Veran, but if possible, save Nayru as well. Eventually, he is able to do so after a confrontation at Ambi's Palace in the past. Shortly after, Veran assumes control of Queen Ambi's body. After being freed from the clutches of Veran, Nayru returns home where she remains until the end of Link's quest. Once Link defeats Veran for the final time, Nayru warns him of problems in the land of Holodrum. Link then must travel to this land, where he eventually saves Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and ultimately battles against Twinrova and the evil king Ganon.


Zelda OoX.png
Main article: Zelda

The Royal Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, is a sign of hope to the people of Hyrule. She has vivid dreams which allow her to foresee evil in the distance. Zelda sends her royal nurse Impa to the to land of Labrynna in order to find Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, and bring her back to safety in Hyrule. However, Impa never quite completed that journey as planned and the evil power of Veran took control of Impa, and eventually the Oracle of Ages herself. After Link battles through time and defeats Veran, it is revealed the Veran is just a pawn in a grander scheme to resurrect the evil king Ganon. In order to do so, three flames must be lit, the Flame of Destruction and the Flame of Sorrow had both been lit when Link defeated General Onox and Veran, but the third flame had not been lit yet. Twinrova captured Princess Zelda with the intent of sacrificing her body and light the Flame of Despair and complete the resurrection of Ganon. Fortunately, Link was able to prevent this, and rescue Princess Zelda. Instead, Twinrova sacrificed themselves, but it did not go as planned, and Ganon was just a mindless beast who Link would feat once and for all.

Queen Ambi

Main article: Queen Ambi

Queen Ambi was the ruler of Lynna Village 400 years before the present day events of Oracle of Ages and was well respected by the townsman. This all changed when Veran, who possessed the body of Nayru, came from the future and started to manipulate the Queen. Ambi had been constructing Ambi's Tower, which she wanted to use to someday find her husband. However, Veran convinced her to keep building the tower to the heavens, where she would someday be known as one of the greatest queens ever. Queen Ambi sent every man in Lynna Village to work on the construction of what was now known as the Black Tower. Further manipulating Ambi, Veran had gotten most of the people close to Ambi to be sent away, ensuring Veran's power. Veran was in need of Mystery Seeds and convinced Ambi to offer a reward to anybody that could bring them mystery seeds. Soon, Link showed up with Mystery Seeds and this led to a trade in which Queen Ambi gave Link some Bombs. Later in the quest when Ambi had left the palace, Link returned and freed Nayru from Veran. However, Queen Ambi soon returned and hinted that she had suspicions that Nayru had been corrupted. Before long, Veran was able to possess the body of Queen Ambi. Now with control over Queen Ambi, Veran pushed even harder for the Black Tower to be complete.However, Link saved her by defeating Veran in Battle after collecting the 8 essences.


Main article: Ralph

Ralph is the noble, yet very stubborn and hot-headed character childhood friend of Nayru and is given the position of being her protector. Just as Link arrives to Labrynna and meets Nayru, Ralph insists that he does not need Link's help to protect her. Moments later, Veran possesses the body of Nayru, leaving a very distraught Ralph unable to fight Veran as that would also mean striking the body of Nayru. After Veran travels through a Time Portal to the past, Ralph quickly sets off to find and save Nayru.Ralph acts as Link's friendly rival throughout the game, as they both have similar ambitions. When Link battles Veran for the first time, separating Nayru's body from Veran, the Dark Sorceress shortly after takes control of Ambi's body. Link and Ralph are safely warped back to the present by the power of Nayru, but Ralph quickly returns to the past to get his revenge on Veran.Though he is the descendant of Queen Ambi, Ralph confronts Veran at the Black Tower near the end of the game, making the choice to fight Veran while she is in Ambi's body even though defeating Ambi will cause him to vanish from existence. Ralph is unsuccessful in defeating Veran, but Link is able to fill in and save Queen Ambi while also defeating Veran.


Main article: Twinrova

Koume and Kotake (together known as Twinrova) are two witches whose intentions are to revive the evil king Ganon. They enact their plan by persuading Veran to wreak havoc in the land of Labrynna, and Onox to do the same in Holodrum. The actions of Veran and Onox light the Flame of Sorrow and Flame of Destruction, two of the three needed in the ritual to revive Ganon. Though Link put an end to Veran and Onox, the damage done to Labrynna and Holodrum proves to still be enough to light the first two flames. To finish the ritual and light the final Flame of Despair, Twinrova kidnaps Princess Zelda to use as a sacrifice. Once Link is able to defeat Koume and Kotake separately, the two fuse into one entity and become even more powerful foe called Twinrova. After Link defeats Twinrova, thus saving Princess Zelda, the witches choose to sacrifice their own body as a vessel to revive Ganon. However, because the ritual is not carried out using Zelda as planned, only a mindless, yet dangerous Ganon is able to be revived.


Main article: Veran

Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows, has a unique ability that allows her to possess the bodies of others and control them. Veran possesses the body of Impa to get past a block and to Nayru. Veran then possesses the body of Nayru and uses her power to travel to the past,where she, posing as Nayru, uses her powers to alter the present and influences Queen Ambi to build the Black Tower. Eventually, Link travels to the past and battles with Veran to frees the body of Nayru from her grasp. However, before Link can kill her, Veran possesses Queen Ambi and quickly flees to the Black Tower.After collecting the eight Essences of Time, Link goes to the Black Tower itself, where Veran has taken refuge. Though Link is successful in freeing Queen Ambi's body from Veran, she desperately reveals her true form of a Beedle, a Bee, and a Spider to Link in an attempt to stop him. This would still prove no match for the legendary hero, as Veran would be defeated by Link.

Minor Characters


Main article: ???

??? resides in the Toilet in Western Lynna City in the Past. Its hand reaches out and Link can drop numerous items into the hole, including various Mystical Seeds, a pot, Bombs, and Bombchus. Depending on which item is dropped into the hole, ??? responda differently. ??? is part of the Trading Sequence. After Link acquires the Stationery from the Postman, he can give it to ???. After apparently using it to wipe himself, ??? gives Link the much less desired Stink Bag. Link later uses the stink bag in order to clear the sinuses of a Tokay cook.


Main article: Adlar

Adlar is an elderly man living in his Home near the southwest portion of Lynna Village.Adlar served as an adviser at the palace in Lynna Village for fifty years and has known Queen Ambi since she was young. However, upon Veran taking control of Nayru's body, she convinced Queen Ambi to banish Adlar from the palace. Though Queen Ambi made this decision, Adlar does not blame her, understanding that Nayru has swayed her actions as of late. Throughout Link's journey, Adlar exhibits his wisdom by correctly assuming that Nayru is a "monster in human guise". He also states that Ambi herself seems to be the "beast in human guise" after Veran takes control of her. Once Link defeats Veran and saves Labrynna, Adlar informs him that Queen Ambi has ventured to other lands for an "eye-opening journey" and wishes that she be safe on her trip.

Ambi's Guards

Main article: Ambi's Guards

Ambi's Guards are a group of soldiers that are under the power of Queen Ambi. They appear in multiple color variations, with certain colors carrying different attributes. Link first runs into Ambi's Guards when he journeys to the Past in Lynna Village. Ambi's Guards are supervising the construction of Ambi's Tower, while there are also guards blocking the entrance to Ambi's Palace. Ambi's Guards are ordered to find Mystery Seeds in the Deku Forest. Link journeys through the Deku Forest and acquire Mystery Seeds himself. Upon confronting one of Ambi's Guards, Link is taken to Ambi's Palace to claim his prize. Later on in the quest, Link and Ralph need to sneak past Queen Ambi's Guards in order to reach the Possessed Nayru. After a battle with her, Veran leaves the body of Nayru and instead takes control over Queen Ambi. Veran, now acting as Queen Ambi, orders the Guards to capture Link, Ralph, and Nayru. Using Nayru's power, the trio escapes. After fighting Veran at the end of the game, Queen Ambi summons her guards to assist in the battle. Link defeats Veran prior to the Guards arriving, but after Veran has been defeated, Ambi's Guards no longer attack Link. They view Link has a hero and Link can walk freely through Ambi's Palace.


Main article: Bipin

Bipin is an expert arborist and knows everything about growing Gasha Trees. He is obviously a descendant of Pippin, a man of roughly the same profession and resemblance who lives in Lynna Village in the Past. Upon first meeting Link, Bipin is excited to inform him of his newborn Son. Blossom, Bipin's wife, gives Link the honor of being able to suggest a name for the newborn baby, which Bipin will like no matter what is chosen. Afterwards, Bipin gives Link a Gasha Seed. Throughout his quest, Link can go to Bipin for much advice on planting Gasha Seeds. After Link saves Labrynna, Bipin and his family move to Holodrum. Once Link arrives there, he can pick up where he left off and continue to help with their child's growth.


Main article: Blossom

Blossom is the wife of Bipin and mother to a Newborn Baby. She asks Link to suggest a name for her son. Whichever name Link chooses is what Blossom will agree upon and call the child thereafter. During Link's journey she asks for Rupees and advice, and Link's actions influence how their son grows up.

Bipin and Blossom's Son

Main article: Bipin and Blossom's Son

Bipin and Blossom, a couple who live in north Lynna City, have a newborn baby son at the beginning of Link's adventure. Blossom first asks Link what to name the baby. Bipin likes whatever name Link chooses and is what Blossom picks as his name. Also, throughout Link's quest, he can often stop back by Bipin and Blossom's house and assist Blossom with different things to help in her son's growth. Whichever land Link begins his adventure in, whether it be Labrynna or Holodrum, Bipin and Blossom's son starts out as a baby there. Once Link completes his journey in that first land, Bipin and Blossom move to the other land so that when Link goes there he can continue to help offer advice or help requested by Blossom. Close to the end of Link's adventure in the second land, Bipin and Blossom's son grows into a young boy whose personality is determined by Link's suggestions and help in raising him. Bipin and Blossom's son hopes to become a hero like Link someday.

Blue Snake

Blue Snake.png
Main article: Blue Snake

The Blue Snake makes its appearance in Vasu Jewelers alongside Vasu and the Red Snake. The Blue Snake's purpose is for transferring rings from Oracle of Seasons to Oracle of Ages and back. The Blue Snake can also be used to acquire more rings if two players are connected with a Game Link Cable and speak to him at the same time.

Business Scrub

Main article: Business Scrub

Business Scrubs appear in various places throughout Labrynna. At first glance, a Business Scrub appears as a normal bush until Link approaches it. They then pop out of the ground and offer to sell Link different items that are usually way overpriced compared to finding the item in a chest, bush, or simply buying it from a shop. Dr. Troy of Lynna City refers to these characters as Business Scrubs.


Main article: Captain (Oracle Games)

The Captain has no known name, other than his title as Cap'n of the group of pirates known as the Piratians. It is revealed that the Captain was actually the lost love of Queen Ambi, who was trying to find him by building the Black Tower in the Past. Apparently, the Captain and his crew have somehow became a group of living skeletons since then.


Main article: Carpenters

The Carpenters are a trio of men who, in the process of constructing a bridge to Symmetry Village, go on an extended break and wander about the Nuun Highlands, located north of Lynna City.


Main article: Cheval

Cheval is an inventor who lives just south of Lynna Village in the past. His goal is to invent Flippers for swimming and a special kind of rope that will not decay in water.

Clock Poe

Main article: Clock Poe

Near the Spirit's Grave dungeon within the Yoll Graveyard, Link can find a lone grave with a Poe floating beside it. This Poe, simply known as the Clock Poe, appears before Link outside of his tombstone, but is actually trapped beneath the grave. Because of the boulder just outside of his tombstone, the Clock Poe cannot go on to the afterlife and requests Link's help once he has obtained the Power Bracelet from the Spirit's Grave.


Main article: Comedian

The Comedian and his assistant can be found in Lynna City standing in front of the house across the river. While his assistant cannot find anything funny during the troubles which Labrynna is experiencing, the Comedian continues to tell jokes, not acknowledging the never-ending day that has befallen Labrynna.


Main article: Dekadin

Dekadin is a depressed kid who apparently lives alone in Oracle of Ages. His home, located just right of the river running through Lynna Village, is very dark inside, further representing his personality.


Main article: Dimitri

Dimitri is a character that appears in two titles, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. He has the ability to swim, climb waterfalls, and eat almost any enemy. Link can also pick Dimitri up by using the Power Bracelet. Dimitri is the only known friendly Dodongo in the entire series.


Din Oracle.png
Main article: Din

Din appears near the very end of the game if Link has already completed his adventure in Oracle of Seasons. Din and Nayru work together to send Link to the Room of Rites.

Dr. Troy

Main article: Dr. Troy

Dr. Troy is a character living within his own Home in Oracle of Ages. He resides in the north-west corner of Lynna City, just north of the Know-It-All Birds' Hut. Dr. Troy is an expert on many different creatures found throughout Labrynna. He often shares this information with Link to help him throughout his quest.

Old Zora

Main article: Old Zora

The Old Zora lives in Labrynna's Past on the Coast of No Return. He reveals to Link that he misses the sound and smell of the sea. He also reveals that he used to be the best Zora musician around and wishes he had an instrument to play and relive his youth.

Fairy Queen

Main article: Fairy Queen (Oracle of Ages)

The Fairy Queen resides just west of the Eyeglass Island Library in Labrynna's Past. At first glance, she appears as nothing more than an Octorok to Link. Upon speaking with her, Link learns that she had been transformed into that shape by Veran and has thus lost all of her fairy powers. She requests that Link find some Fairy Powder to sprinkle on her, which would restore the Queen to her former self.


Main article: Farore (Oracle)

Although she is the Oracle of Secrets, Farore has little backstory or importance to the plot at all. Located within the Maku Tree, she keeps a Book of Secrets called Farore's Memory that allows Link to save Linked Game passwords he hears from various people throughout Labrynna and Holodrum. Farore also has the power to turn certain secrets into objects for Link to use throughout his adventure.

Goron Elder

Main article: Goron Elder (Oracle of Ages)

The Goron Elder is the leader of the Gorons living within Rolling Ridge, located in north-eastern Labrynna. After completing the Skull Dungeon and obtaining the Switch Hook, Link can gain access to Rolling Ridge in the Past. However, he immediately runs into another problem once he arrives. The Goron Elder has been trapped under a huge rock, which is also blocking the way to the rest of Rolling Ridge.

Graceful Goron

Main article: Graceful Goron

The Graceful Gorons are part of a significant lineage, having a variation of unusual skincolors, as the usual skincolor is brown/gold. In the Past, the Graceful Goron is red and the first generation of Graceful Gorons. In the Present, the Graceful Goron is blue and the fifth generation of Graceful Gorons. They reside in the Rolling Ridge and can be found in the Goron Dance Hall. When Link enters the Dance Hall, they give Link instructions on how to dance.

Great Fairy

Main article: Great Fairy

Great Fairies can be found in various locations throughout Labrynna. They help Link by completely replenishing his health.

Great Moblin

Main article: Great Moblin

The Great Moblin resides in the Great Moblin's Keep, located at the peak of Rolling Ridge in the Present. He and his moblin henchmen have stopped the Gorons from producing Bomb Flowers so they can greedily sell their own, homemade bombs.

Happy Mask Salesman

Main article: Happy Mask Salesman

The Happy Mask Salesman can be found in his shop, located on the outskirts of Lynna City just west of the present-day Nuun Highlands. Link learns that the Salesman is extremely hungry, and asks if Link will give him something to eat.

King Zora

Main article: King Zora (Oracle of Ages)

King Zora is the leader of the tribe of sea Zora who inhabit the seas at the far south-western portion of Labrynna in Oracle of Ages. Thanks to Veran's medlings in the Past, King Zora fell ill because of all the pollution throughout the sea. In the Present, King Zora has been long dead, leaving it up to Link to save him in the past.

Know-It-All Birds

Main article: Know-It-All Birds

There are 10 Know-It-All Birds who live in a hut at the far west end of Lynna City. With the ability to speak fluently with other humans, each bird has information that helps Link throughout his journey. They can teach Link about subscreens, saving his progress, maps, mystical seeds, the hero's skill (spin attack), shield tactics, bombs, items, the different ages, and the Essences of Time (although the one offering information on the Essences actually knows nothing about them at all).

Lord Jabu-Jabu

Main article: Lord Jabu-Jabu

Lord Jabu-Jabu is a huge fish who stands as the Deity of the Zora tribe in Oracle of Ages. Jabu-Jabu's Belly is said to be a huge maze, but only those allowed by King Zora can enter.

Mamamu Yan

Main article: Mamamu Yan

In Oracle of Ages, Mamamu Yan lives in her own home, located near the southwest portion of Lynna City. She is the self-proclaimed top dog breeder in Lynna City and claims that her dog is much cuter than any other dog in town. However, he is shy.

Mayor Plen

Main article: Mayor Plen

Mayor Plen is the mayor of Lynna City in Oracle of Ages. He resides within his Home, near the center of the city. The Mayor tells Link that Lynna City's history dates back hundreds of years ago, when it was called Lynna Village.


Main article: Moosh

Moosh is the first of three animal companions who Link must help along his journey. Link first meets Moosh in Yoll Graveyard while going to retrieve the Cheval Rope and Flippers from Cheval's Tomb. After being saved from a group of Octoroks, Moosh will help Link to fly over the holes leading to Cheval's Tomb. When the Flippers and Cheval Rope are obtained, Moosh will leave.


Main article: Patch

Patch lives atop Restoration Wall, which is located north-western section of Talus Peaks and is directly below Symmetry Village. He is known for being able to restore broken items back to their original design, as long as the one requesting the fix can complete the mini-game he has designed in the basement of his house.


Main article: Pippin

Pippin is a farmer who lives in north-western Lynna Village (past). He is obviously an ancestor to Lynna City's present-day Bipin, who has roughly the same profession. The difference is that Pippin seems to dislike Gasha Seeds and Nuts, while Bipin greatly endorses and specializes in them.

When Link first talks with Pippin, he will complain about Gasha Nuts and give Link a Gasha Seed, stating that he wants to "get rid of it". Afterwards, he will tell Link about a soft patch of soil outside of his house, but to not plant the seed there.


Main article: Piratian

Piratians is the name given to the group of living-skeleton pirates who become trapped on their ship within the Sea of Storms. Along with their Captain, the Piratians are apparently long dead, but have somehow been able to stay alive as skeletons and retain their old personalities.


Main article: Postman

As the only Postman in Lynna Village (past), the Postman is usually keeping quite busy delivering the mail. However, because Veran has stopped time and there is no distinction between night and day, the Postman cannot keep to his strict schedule.


Main article: Rafton

Before Link can set sail towards the third dungeon on Crescent Island, he must obtain a few necessary items to make the trip. Rafton, who lives south of Lynna Village (past) will build a raft for Link to sail there if he can be brought the Cheval Rope. After receiving it, he will begin work on the raft, but will also send Link out after an Island Chart so that he can navigate the waters to Crescent Island.

Later in Link's adventure, he will obtain one of the last items in the Trading Sequence, the Magic Oar, from Maple once he trades her the Touching Book. Link can take this Magic Oar to Rafton, who will want to use it to be able to enter a raft race. In exchange, Rafton will give Link the Sea Ukulele, which can then be traded to the Old Zora for the Broken Sword.


Main article: Ricky

Ricky, the boxing kangaroo, is the second the three animal companions that Link encounters. Once discovered in the forests east of Lynna City, Ricky will request that Link find his lost boxing gloves. The gloves can be found on the beach south of Lynna City, buried beneath the sand near a tree. Ricky will return the favor by assisting Link in scaling the cliffs and obstructions leading up to where Tingle is floating, located just south of where Ricky is found. Once Link has obtained second item needed to sail to Crescent Island, Ricky will leave, stating the he can't stand Tingle.


Main article: Rosa

After Link has completed his journeys in Holodrum, he will encounter Rosa in the past shortly after arriving at Crescent Island. Here, Rosa chases off a Tokay who took Link's shovel when he washed up on shore. She mentions remembering Link and their date, and even says she recognized the shovel that the Tokay was carrying. After returning Link's shovel, Rosa will inform him that the theme of her trip is that of an independent woman, and that he will have to wait until a later time for another date.


Main article: Stockwell

Stockwell owns and runs the shop located in Lynna City. Within his shop, Stockwell sells normal items, such as bombs, hearts, and shields. Stockwell also has a secret shop that can be accessed if Link plays either the Tune of Currents or the Tune of Ages in the past, standing directly on the top-left portion of the withered tree just south of the Advance Shop. Link will be teleported to the present in the area which is fenced off from access by any other means. In this secret shop, Link can purchase rare, yet expensive, items, such as the L-2 Ring Box, which can hold up to three rings at a time, Gasha Seeds, and a Piece of Heart.


Main article: Subrosian

The Subrosians are a race of cloaked beings who come from the subterranean land of Subrosia, located underneath Holodrum. They will only appear in Labrynna if Link has already completed his quest in Holodrum first. Then, they can be found at the Goron Dance Hall. Here, they will replace the group of Gorons who dance in with Link and the Graceful Goron in the present.

The fact that the Subrosians show up at the Goron Dance hall, of all places, is as out of the ordinary as it may seem. The Subrosians themselves have a dance hall in Subrosia, and claim to have a great appreciation for the Goron dancers in Labrynna.


Main article: Syrup

Syrup is a witch who resides in Yoll Graveyard. Her hut, located in the north-eastern most corner, can only be reached once Link has obtained the Flippers and can swim across the path of water that surrounds it. Within her hut, Syrup sells Potions that Link can use to heal himself, as well as Gasha Seeds and a Piece of Heart.


Main article: Thomas

In the house located at the lower, central portion of Symmetry Village (past) is a guy known as the Thin Man, Skinny Man, or Thomas. He is so tall and thin that he can't help but to sway from side-to-side, something that he wishes he could change. His only problem is that he has just one dumbbell to work out with, which he says "goes against his policy" to only work out one arm at a time.

As part of the Trading Sequence, Link will obtain the Dumbbell from Mamamu Yan in exchange for the Doggie Mask. Link can choose to give the Thomas the Dumbbell so that he can finally work out both arms. In exchange, Thomas will give Link the Cheesy Mustache.


Main article: Tingle

Tingle is a man who believes himself to be a reincarnated fairy. He specializes in creating maps and charts used for navigation, but is truly fascinated with fairies and magic.

Link will encounter Tingle, who is floating above a stump, high upon some cliffs in the Forest of Time, located south-east of Lynna City. Tingle will give Link a Island Chart, which he needs to sail to Crescent Island. Later in his adventure, after obtaining the Seed Shooter, Link can once again visit Tingle an dhave his seed satchel upgraded. At this point, Link will not need Ricky's assistance in scaling the cliffs, as he will have enough items to help him do so. Tingle will upgrade Link's seed satchel to hold up to 50 different seeds of each kind.


Main article: Tokay

The Tokay race live on Crescent Island, located off the south-eastern shores of Labrynna. Link will first encounter these human-like, reptilian creatures in the past after completing the Wing Dungeon and obtaining the necessary items to build a raft and navigate the seas. While attempting to sail to the island, Link will get caught up in a storm and end up shipwrecked on Crescent Island, where a group of Tokay will steal his items, including the Seed Satchel, Shovel, Power Bracelet, Harp of Ages, and Flippers. While strategically navigating the island, Link must go back and forth through time in order to obtain all of his items back.


Main article: Tokkey

Tokkey is a researcher of music who lives in a secret grotto in Talus Peaks, an area located near Symmetry City (present). His house can only be accessed by discovering the hidden path under Talus Lake, which Link will have to swim around a bit to find. Tokkey's main goal lately has been to create a tune that would allow one to travel forward through time. However, he seems to have reached a roadblock along the way after encountering a riddle which states "Echoes produce waves...". Tokkey will only be able to continue his research in creating this tune if he is able to figure out the riddle.


Main article: Vasu

Vasu is a Magic Jeweler who runs a Ring Shop in Lynna City, which is the only location in Labrynna where discovered rings can be appraised for use. Upon meeting Vasu for the first time, Link is given the L-1 Ring Box as well as one ring which Vasu appraises for free. The rest of the appraised rings stay with Vasu at his shop where he keeps them until Link wants to exchange. Each additional ring brought to Vasu costs 20 rupees for appraisal. However, if Link already owns the ring which is appraised, Vasu will purchase it from him for 30 rupees.


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The Zora race inhabits the seas south of the area known as the Fairies' Woods in the present and the Deku Forest in the past. The live under the water in Zora Village, appropriately within the Zora Seas. Unlike the River Zoras, who will protrude from various waters and shoot fireballs at Link, the "Sea Zoras" are a gentle race of a more human-like appearance and intelligence.