Maku Tree (Oracle of Seasons)

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Maku Tree
Maku Tree (Seasons).png


Guardian of Holodrum[1]







The Maku Tree is a character from Oracle of Seasons. The Maku Tree can be found in Horon Village at the north-east part of town. The Maku Tree in Oracle of Seasons is male.[1] A female Maku Tree can be found in Labrynna within Oracle of Ages.

The Maku Tree is the protector of Holodrum.[1] Link first encounters the Maku Tree after first obtaining the Wooden Sword in the Hero's Cave and opening up the gate to the Maku Tree's grove. Upon discovering the Tree, Link finds that he is slightly withered due to Onox's tampering with Din's, the Oracle of Seasons, power. The Maku Tree wearily tells Link to retrieve the eight Essences of Nature so that he can break the seal on Onox's Castle and save Din.[2]

The Maku Tree plays host to a plethora of secrets, as well as to the Oracle of Secrets, Farore. As he grows larger with every Essence gathered, he begins to have an explorable area at his peak. A Gasha seed will be on his first platform, and the first cave contains fairies and respawning bushes, one of which has an Ember Seed, and the other has a Scent Seed; they cannot be the first way Link encounters them as, by the time the cave exists, Link will have to have gathered both. His second cavern will contain another two fairies and bushes containing the remaining seeds; these also respawn each time you enter the room.



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