Essences of Nature

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Not to be confused with the Essences of Time.
Essences of Nature
Essences of Nature.png



Found within the dungeons in Oracle of Seasons


Restores the Maku Tree's power


The Essences of Nature are eight sacred relics controlling nature and growth. Link must traverse eight dungeons in Oracle of Seasons to collect the essences.[1] As he does so, the Maku Tree will gradually regain his strength until he is powerful enough to produce a Maku Seed that will overcome the barrier enshrouding Onox's Castle.


Fertile Soil

Main article: Fertile Soil
Fertile Soil.png

"Seeds scattered across bountiful lands are nourished in this Fertile Soil!"

— In-game description

The Fertile Soil, the first Essence of Nature, is located in the Gnarled Root Dungeon guarded by Aquamentus.

Gift of Time

Main article: Gift of Time
Gift of Time.png

"Seeds sprout as seasons change with the Gift of Time!"

— In-game description

The Gift of Time, the second Essence of Nature, is located in Snake's Remains guarded by a Dodongo.

Bright Sun

Main article: Bright Sun
Bright Sun.png

"Young shoots grow quickly under the warm rays of the Bright Sun!"

— In-game description

The Bright Sun, the third Essence of Nature, is located in the Poison Moth's Lair guarded by Mothula.

Soothing Rain

Main article: Soothing Rain
Soothing Rain.png

"Bathed in drops of Soothing Rain, shoots grow into saplings!"

— In-game description

The Soothing Rain, the fourth Essence of Nature, is located in the Dancing Dragon Dungeon guarded by Gohma.

Nurturing Warmth

Main article: Nurturing Warmth

"Balmy days build strong saplings with their Nurturing Warmth!"

— In-game description

The Nurturing Warmth, the fifth Essence of Nature, is located in the Unicorn's Cave guarded by Digdogger.

Blowing Wind

Main article: Blowing Wind
Blowing Wind.png

"Sweet fruit is born when pollen is carried by the Blowing Wind!"

— In-game description

The Blowing Wind, the sixth Essence of Nature, is located in the Ancient Ruins guarded by Manhandla.

Seed of Life

Main article: Seed of Life
Seed of Life.png

"Life begins anew when birds carry this, the Seed of Life, to new lands!"

— In-game description

The Seed of Life, the seventh Essence of Nature, is located in the Explorer's Crypt guarded by Gleeok.

Changing Seasons

Main article: Changing Seasons
Changing Seasons.png

"Scattered seeds sprout in spring, grow in summer, bear fruit in fall and sleep through winter. It is an endless cycle of life... the Changing Seasons!"

— In-game description

The Changing Seasons, the eighth and last Essence of Nature, is located in the Sword & Shield Maze guarded by Medusa Head.


  1. "What's to be done, Link? With the seasons in chaos, the land is robbed of the very essence of nature, draining all of my might! Can you save Din in my stead? It is all this Maku Tree has ever asked! I sense evil on the Northern Peak, where the Temple of Seasons rested! Onox has cast a shadow on the Northern Peak. I think you will find him there. You'll need the eight Essences of Nature that lie sleeping in Holodrum. Gathering all eight is the only option. The essences possess the sacred power of nature, with which you can break the shadow barrier and save Din. Shall I repeat it? :›Yes ›No" — Maku Tree, Oracle of Seasons.