Explorer's Crypt

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The Explorer's Crypt is the seventh dungeon in Oracle of Seasons. It is located in Holodrum's Graveyard.


When the Piratians aid Link in crossing the sea west of Horon Village, a storm plunges their ship into Samasa Desert. With the ship wrecked, the crew is unable to prod forward. The Captain is also preoccupied at losing the Pirate's Bell, a gift intended for his love, Queen Ambi of Labrynna. Link must locate this bell in a cave in Samasa Desert and have it polished at the Subrosian Smithy. When the Captain receives the bell from Link, he is reinvigorated and orders repairs on his ship. With the repairs complete, the Piratians sail to the Western Coast. From there, Link parts ways with the Piratians and travels to the Graveyard housing the Explorer's Crypt.