Oracle of Seasons Dungeons

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This is a list of dungeons found in Oracle of Seasons.

Hero's Cave

Main article: Hero's Cave

Gnarled Root Dungeon

Main article: Gnarled Root Dungeon

Snake's Remains

Snake's Remains.png
Main article: Snake's Remains

Poison Moth's Lair

Main article: Poison Moth's Lair

Moblin's Keep (optional)

Great Moblin's Realm.png
Main article: Moblin's Keep

Dancing Dragon Dungeon

Dancing Dragon Dungeon.png
Main article: Dancing Dragon Dungeon

Unicorn's Cave

Unicorn's Cave.png
Main article: Unicorn's Cave

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins.png
Main article: Ancient Ruins

Explorer's Crypt

Explorer's Crypt.png
Main article: Explorer's Crypt

Sword & Shield Maze

Sword & Shield Dungeon Entrance.png
Main article: Sword & Shield Maze

Onox's Castle

Onox tower.png
Main article: Onox's Castle