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Smiths Sword.png Smith's SwordGiven to Link at the start of the game by Master Smith. He asks Link to deliver it to Hyrule Castle. After the events with Vaati at the castle, the King will give Smith's Sword to Link as he ventures on his journey. It is the weakest sword Link will have, but nonetheless it still gets the job done.
Picori-blade.png Broken Picori BladeLegends speak of this magical swords power. Used by the Picori; it was broken by Vaati. It is given to Link by King Daltus to try and get it reforged to restore peace to Hyrule.
WhiteSwordSprite.gif White SwordMelari will forge the Broken Picori Blade while Link is battling in the Cave of Flames. After the dungeon is defeated head back to Melari's Mines and he will give you the White Sword. This sword has nearly double the strength of Smith's Sword.
WhiteSwordTwoElementsSprite.gif White Sword (Two Elements)After you get the White Sword you can immediately head to the Elemental Sanctuary. Drop the White Sword in the pedestal there and your sword will be infused with the power of the Earth and Fire elements. This new white sword is slightly stronger and it allows Link to duplicate himself using certain tiles located throughout Hyrule.
WhiteSwordThreeElementsSprite.gif White Sword (Three Elements)After defeating the Temple of Droplets head back to the Elemental Sanctuary. You can now forge your sword with the power of the Water Element. This sword is slightly stronger as well and it allows Link to split in three copies of himself.
Four-sword.png Four SwordForging your White Sword with the fourth element, the Wind Element, forges your White Sword into the more powerful Four Sword. It has power to shoot beams when charged up to restore the stone statues in Dark Hyrule Castle. It also allows Link to split into four copies.
Small Shield.png Small ShieldAt the Picori Festival, Princess Zelda will win the Small Shield in a raffle contest. She gives it to Link telling him to protect her. The Shield is used just after it is received to protect Princess Zelda from a Business Scrub in North Hyrule Field.
Mirror Sheildmc.png Mirror ShieldFirst, you must have completed the Goron Quest. Then, fuse Kinstones with the Goron on the far right in Goron Cave to make the huge Goron appear at the top of Veil Falls. Once you have beaten the game head to Veil Falls and talk to the Big Goron while having your shield out. He will ask you if he could have your shield. Give it to him and he will start to chew on it. Walk around Hyrule for a while and then return after he is finishing chewing on it. He will spit it back out at you but it will now be the Mirror Shield. It is must stronger and can reflect an assortment of attacks.
Grip Ring.png Grip RingThe Grip Ring is located on Mt. Crenel. Knock out a Business Scrub in a cave on Mt. Crenel and he will sell you the Grip Ring for 40 Rupees. The Grip Ring is needed for Link to be able to climb up the Crenel Wall. It can also be used on the far right of Mt. Crenel to climb up and down the shortcut. Link also uses it at Veil Falls.
Flippers.png FlippersIn order to get the flippers, Link needs to complete the Book Quest and return them to the Library. Link can climb the books to get to the Minish here and he will drop you down into a cave like area. Navigate your way to the Flippers. Like in previous games, the Flippers will allow Link to swim in water as well as dive down for some secret rupees or hearts.
Power Bracelet Sprite (MC).gif Power BraceletsLink will find the Power Bracelets on his quest to getting the three missing books from the Library. The Power Bracelets will allow Minish Link to lift and move some heavier objects that he couldn't before.


Bottle-mc.png BottleThere are four bottles found on your quest. While only one of them is necessary it is always nice to have some extra bottles for some items or if you just want to get all the items in the game. The bottles hold an entire arrangement of items. You can find what they hold and their locations in our Bottle Guide.
Bomb-mc.png BombJust after you speak with Gentari after defeating Deepwood Shrine he will open up a passage to his left. Head through it and the first house to the left has a Minish in it. He has heard about you from defeating Deepwood Shrine and will give you the Bomb Bag. Bombs are used to defeat enemies, blow holes in the ground, and to blow up cracked walls.
Remote Bombs.png Remote BombFuse Kinstones with Gentari in Minish Village. Exit Minish Village to your left and shrink down in size and head into the first house here. The same Minish that you got the regular bombs now has Remote Bombs. If you ever want to switch between Remote Bombs and regular Bombs just head over and talk with this Minish. Once you plant them you can remote detonate them by pressing the same button to plant them. The only negative is that only one can be planted at once.
Boomerangmc.png BoomerangThe boomerang is purchased in Hyrule Town in the shop. While it costs 300 Rupees it is surely worth the price. The boomerang works just as it did in previous Legend of Zelda games. Use it to stun enemies, strike switches, or to recover loose items.
Magical Boomerang.png Magical BoomerangYou must have completed the Tingle side-quest. Fuse Kinstones with Tingle and his brothers throughout Hyrule and four trees in North Hyrule Field will now open up. Head into each one and step on a switch and it will create a ladder in the middle of the four trees. Head down it and open the chest for the Magical Boomerang. The Magical Boomerang works like the original with some extra power to it. It can now travel full screen. When you throw the Boomerang, if you hold down the button it is assigned to you can use the d-pad to direct it.
GustJarLarge.png Gust JarFound in the first dungeon, Deepwood Shrine. It is in the big treasure after beating Madderpillar, the mini-boss. The Gust Jar has several uses including being able to suck in certain enemies. Some enemies cannot be harmed with your sword because of protective armor, but the Gust Jar can pull that off. It is also used to suck in mushrooms allowing Link to maneuver around rooms. While on a lilypad, the Gust Jar can also be used to sail your way through water.
Cane of Pacci.png Cane of PacciFound in the second dungeon, Cave of Flames. It is the main item in the dungeon and is necessary to complete your quest. The Cane can be used to flip different items throughout the land. including mine carts in the Cave of Flames. It can also be used as a weapon to defeat enemies and some bosses. You can use the Cane of Pacci on a hole in the ground; this will store energy into the hole and once you go into the hole you use the energy to shoot yourself higher to reach high platforms.
Pegasus-boots.png Pegasus BootsAnother classic Zelda item here. They are acquired from Rem, the shoe maker in Hyrule Town after waking him with a Wake-Up Mushroom. These Pegasus Boots are needed to dash over the swamps of Castor Wilds. They will make moving from far parts of Hyrule a breeze. Also, you can learn the Dash Attack technique from Swiftblade which allows Link to have his sword out ahead of him while dashing.
Bowmc.png BowFound in Castor Wilds. Their immediate use is to shoot out at the Eyegore Statues in Castor Wilds to awaken them. The classic arrows help Link defeat enemies in a distance or to hit certain switches. They are also needed to defeat some bosses in the game.
Mole Mitts.png Mole MittsFound in the third dungeon, Fortress of Winds. The Mole Mitts will allow Link to dig through certain surfaces. Link can use them to dig through the ground in the Fortress of Winds to get through to certain rooms and access hidden chests. They are also used in many caves throughout Hyrule, as well as digging through clouds at the Cloud Tops.
Ocarina of Winds.png Ocarina of WindLink gets this Ocarina after defeating the Fortress of Winds. The Ocarina of Wind will allow Link to travel to different parts of Hyrule through the Wind Crests.
FlameLanternSprite.png Flame LanternFound in the fourth dungeon, the Temple of Droplets. The Flame Lantern has a few uses. It allows Link to melt blocks of ice in the Temple of Droplets. It also is used to help Link see during his quest. Turn it on in dark rooms and Link will be able to see a larger area. Use it to light torches to light up rooms and to solve puzzles. It is also used against Gibdos to light their wrap on fire, turning them into regular Stalfos.
Rocs Cape.png Roc's CapeFound in the fifth dungeon, the Palace of Winds. Roc's Cape will allow Link to fly for a short period of time. He can jump to higher grounds using the cape as well. Using it while the wind is blowing in your favor will allow Link to glide across large areas. Link can also learn the downward thrust technique utilizing the power of Roc's Cape as well as Link's sword.


Jabber-Nut.png Jabber NutFound in Minish Village. Once Link gets it he will eat it and this will allow Link to understand the language of the Minish.
Spare-key.png Lon Lon Ranch Spare KeyAfter shrinking in size and entering Malon and Talon's house, break the barrels at the top-right for the Spare Key. This will allow Link access the main part of Lon Lon Ranch.
Wake-Up Mushroom.png Wake-Up MushroomThis item is needed in order to wake-up the Rem, the shoe maker in Hyrule Town. You buy the Wake-Up Mushroom from Syrup for 60 rupees in her hut at the top-right of the Minish Woods.
Graveyard Key.png Graveyard KeyGiven to Link by Dampé the grave-keeper. However once you step outside his house a Takkuri will steal it from you. Recover it buy killing the bird in this same area and then you will be able to enter the graveyard.
Joy Butterfly.png Joy ButterflyThere are three of these found throughout Hyrule. There are in Castor Wilds, Wind Ruins, and in the Graveyard. One of them will increase Link's digging speed, another will increase Link's swimming speed, and another will increase the speed Link shoots arrows.
Carlov Medal.png Carlov MedalLink can get this medal after obtaining every Figurine in the game. It can be used to unlock the house with the robot on the top, by showing the medal to Baris.
Tingle Trophy.png Tingle TrophyThe only way to obtain this golden trophy that is shaped in Tingle's likeness is by successfully completing the many Kinstone Fusions located all over Hyrule within the game; such a feat can easily become rather annoying as at one point it may be difficult to locate who's left to fuse Kinstones with, but it is still quite possible and when done will reward you with this trophy to commemorate the occasion.
MysteriousShellSprite.png Mysterious ShellFound in treasure chests, in bushes, in pots, under rocks, or when defeating enemies. The Mysterious Shells can be traded in in the southwest part of Hyrule Town for figurines. Collecting all the figurines will allow Link to get the Carlov Medal as well as a Piece of Heart.
Tiger Scrolls.png Tiger ScrollThese Scrolls have the sword techniques that Link learns written on them. They are taught to Link by all the Swordsmen throughout Hyrule.


Kinstone Bag.png Kinstone BagGiven to Link in Hyrule Town after he beats Deepwood Shrine. The Kinstone Bag will hold Kinstones that you can find so you can fuse with others you meet later on.
Green Kinstone.png Green KinstoneThese can be found by slashing bushes or defeating enemies. Some are also in treasure chests throughout Hyrule. There are three types of Green Kinstones.
Blue Kinstone.png Blue KinstoneBlue Kinstones are a bit more hard to come by than Green Kinstones. You get them mainly in treasure chests throughout Hyrule. There are two types of Blue Kinstones.
Red Kinstone.png Red KinstoneSimliar to Blue Kinstones, the red ones are even harder to come by. They are mainly found in treasure chests. There are three types of Red Kinstones.
Gold Kinstone.gif Gold KinstoneThese are found in several areas in Hyrule. These Kinstones are vital to your quest and you cannot go on with the game without these. You need them in Castor Wilds as well as on Cloud Tops. You get another one in the Royal Crypt allowing access to the main part of Veil Falls. They come in a variety of types.

Dungeon Items

TMC Dungeon Map Sprite.png Dungeon MapEach dungeon holds a dungeon map. The map will give a layout of what the dungeon is. It can be extremely useful in the larger dungeons to see where you have not navigated.
Compass-mc.png CompassEach dungeon also has a compass. The compass will give the location of the boss as well as the location of the treasures within the dungeon.
Small-key.png Small KeySmall Keys are all over the many dungeons. You get them by defeating some enemies or solving some puzzles. They open up locked doors or blocks within the dungeon.
Big-key.png Big KeyEach dungeon has a Big Key. The Big Key will open up the door that leads to the boss of the dungeon.