Melari's Mines

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Melari's Mines

Melari's Mines are a location in The Minish Cap. They can be accessed from the base of Mt. Crenel. Upon entering, Link is greeted by several Mountain Minish. As Link proceeds, he will eventually find Melari and what appears to be his students banging on a sword. Link will find three rooms in the immediate area, one of them being Melaris', another with a bunch of beds, and the last one with one Minish in what seems to be a kitchen.


After obtaining the Earth Element from the Deepwood Shrine, Link is instructed to locate Melari within Mt. Crenel. Allegedly, only Melari can repair the broken Picori Blade. After fixing the sword, Melari instructs Link to depart for the Cave of Flames where the Fire Element can be obtained.