Stockwell's Shop

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Stockwell's Shop

Stockwell's Shop is a shop in The Minish Cap. It is owned and run by Stockwell. Link can purchase many useful items at the shop. Link can purchase Shields, Bombs, Arrows, Boomerang, Mysterious Shells, Bomb Bag, and Quiver upgrades.

Item Name Cost (Rupees) First Available
Wallets 80 Once Link has obtained 80 Rupees.
File:Small Shield.png
Small Shield 40 Cannot be purchased unless Link has had his Shield eaten by a Like Like.
10 Bombs 30 Available after Link obtains the Bomb Bag.
10 Arrows 20 After the Bow is obtained.
30 Arrows 50 After the Bow is obtained.
50 Arrows 90 After Link obtains the Bow and a larger Quiver.
Boomerang 300 After Link has purchased a larger Wallet and obtained 300 Rupees.
30 Mysterious Shells 200 When Link obtains 200 Rupees.
Bomb Bag 600 When Link obtains a Wallet that stores up to 600 Rupees.
Quiver Upgrade 600 When Link has obtained a Wallet that stores up to 600 Rupees.