Cloud Tops

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Cloud Tops
Cloud Tops 1 map - TMC.png
In-game map of the first (lowest) tier of Cloud Tops





Points of

Cloud Tops is a location in The Minish Cap. It is the final location on the overworld that must be explored, and it serves as the Sky region of the game.

The Minish Cap

Cloud Tops is located in the far northeast of the World Map, however, geographically, it is directly above Veil Falls, as it is accessed through a tornado at the peak of the falls.


Cloud Tops is a rarity among 2D Zelda games. It consists of three tiers, all of which make up the region. The lowest tier is where Link begins, and it consists of a central platform of cloud and eight surrounding islands. On the central mass, there is a tornado that leads to the top tier, but when Link first comes upon Cloud Tops, it is covered by stagnant cloud. This stagnant cloud can be removed by activating the five small windmills around the stagnant cloud by fusing Gold Kinstone Pieces with five Mysterious Clouds. They are located to the west of the stagnant cloud, on the far northeast island, on the far northwest island, on the far southeast island, and on the far southwest island.

The second tier is accessed through red tornadoes found around the lower tier, and it serves as the place to get around, as there are normal tornadoes which Link must jump in to float around the area. Here, a special type of dense cloud can be dug out with the Mole Mitts. It consists of several islands of cloud with a large gap in the middle.

The third tier is accessed when the tornado in the central mass of the lowest tier is activated, and it contains the Tower of Winds, which houses the Wind Tribe.


If Link fuses Kinstone Pieces with the Stranger in Hyrule Town, it will open a portal in the west-central part of South Hyrule Field. This portal leads to the inside of the Tower of Winds, where Link can utilize the Gust Jar to suck up a ghost that has caused one of the elder members, Gregal, to fall ill. If he does this, he will be granted the Light Arrows when he returns, as well as 200 Mysterious Shells as an immediate reward. If he does not accomplish this, Gregal dies, and the Light Arrows cannot be obtained.

After Link has met with King Gustaf's ghost in the Royal Crypt, he is given a Gold Kinstone Piece and is told to seek out the "Source of the Flow." Upon doing so, Link works his way through Veil Falls to the summit, where he enters a tornado and flies up into the sky. Once in the Cloud Tops, he meets two members of the Wind Tribe, a tribe of people who once inhabited the Fortress of Winds and left for the sky to protect the Wind Element, who have been trapped on this lowest tier of the Cloud Tops. Link goes around Cloud Tops, fusing Gold Kinstone Pieces with five Mysterious Clouds in order to activate a tornado which will allow them to get back to their home. When Link goes into this tornado, he arrives at the Tower of Winds, where he meets with Siroc, the leader of the Wind Tribe, who allows him to enter the penultimate dungeon of the game, the Palace of Winds, to go and obtain the Wind Element.