Royal Valley

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The Royal Valley is a location in The Minish Cap.

The Minish Cap

Most of the Royal Valley is shrouded in varying degrees of darkness. The southern area, between the Trilby Highlands and the Haunted Forest, is heavily shadowed outside of a small radius around Link, which can be extended with the Flame Lantern. The Haunted Forest itself, along with the area between the Haunted Forest and the Graveyard, is completely dark outside of Link's radius. Only the Graveyard itself is in full light. This can only be accessed by collecting the Graveyard Key from Dampé in his house immediately south-east of the Graveyard, and then recovering the key after it is stolen by a Takkuri.

Passing through the Royal Valley is necessary to reach the Royal Crypt at the northernmost point, where Link receives a Gold Kinstone Piece - which can be fused with the Source of the Flow - from the ghost of King Gustaf.