Anju's Henhouse

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Anju's Henhouse

Anju's Henhouse is a location in The Minish Cap. It is located at the southeast corner of Hyrule Town and as its name suggests, it is a henhouse that is owned by Anju.

Cucco Game

When Anju is missing her Cuccos, she will ask Link to bring them back to the henhouse. She will sometimes reward Link with Rupees, but eventually she will give Link a Piece of Heart. The Flippers are needed to complete the last round.

Uses & Collectibles

For much of the game, Spekter is blocking the entrance, preventing Link from entering the henhouse as a Minish. Anju herself is blocking the entrance to the yard in front of the house. After Link has fused Kinstones with Spookter in the Royal Valley, Spekter will finally move on to the afterlife, allowing Link to enter the Henhouse as a Minish.

Inside of Anju's Henhouse, Link will find several Cucco Chicks and a chimney. If Link climbs the chimney, he will find a Cucco that he can fuse Kinstones with.