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Used to unlock treasures

Kinstones are mysterious stones found in The Minish Cap used to unlock treasure. Kinstones come in four colors: red, green, blue and gold. Kinstones, when found, appear broken and have and unusual looking split line in them. In order to fuse them properly Link must talk with someone who is holding the counterpart of the Kinstone that is broken. If fused with the correct half, the Kinstone will grant you good fortune and open up a secret somewhere in Hyrule.


Green Kinstone

These can be found by slashing bushes, defeating enemies, or opening some treasure chests throughout Hyrule. There are three types of green kinstones.

Blue Kinstone

Blue Kinstones are a bit more hard to come by than Green Kinstones. They are most often found in treasure chests throughout Hyrule. There are two types of Blue Kinstones.

Red Kinstone

Simliar to Blue Kinstones, the red ones even more difficult to come by. Red Kinstones are mainly found in treasure chests. There are three types of Red Kinstones.

Gold Kinstone

Main article: Gold Kinstone Piece

These are found in several areas in Hyrule. These Kinstones are vital to Link's quest, allowing him access to the Wind Ruins. Gold Kinstones are also needed in the Cloud Tops to reach the Palace of Winds. There is one more that is found in the Graveyard allowing access to the main part of Veil Falls. Gold Kinstones come in a variety of types.


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