A Hyrulean Bestiary

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A Hyrulean Bestiary



Julietta's House


Allows Link to reach Librari


A Hyrulean Bestiary is a book featured within The Minish Cap. The book is from the Royal Hyrule Library and as its name suggests, it is about the various creatures of Hyrule.

After Link completes the Fortress of Winds he begins his quest to look for the Water Element. Link can use the Ocarina of Wind to warp to the Lake Hylia Wind Crest, where he can find a Minish living here. Link learns that the Element is located within the Temple of Droplets, but the only living person to have entered the Temple of Droplets is Librari. Librari lives within the Royal Hyrule Library.

In order to reach Librari, Link must acquire the three missing books that have been checked out from the library, but not returned. The first of which is A Hyrulean Bestiary. The book had been checked by Julietta, who just got a Cat and was hoping to learn more about the animal. The Book is found within Julietta's House, which is the Blue Roofed house at the southeast corner of Hyrule Town.

Link cannot reach the Book while in Julietta's House as he needs to shrink down to Minish size. Instead, Link must enter the adjacent Purple-roofed house. Here, Link can sprinkle some Water on the Fireplace to put out the fire. Link can then flip over the pot inside this house and use it to shrink down to Minish Size. After walking into the fireplace and up the chimney, Link will be back outside. He can walk across the plank to reenter the Blue building, but now as a Minish. Now he can climb up on top of a shelf and push the book down to the ground. After collecting the book, Link can return it to the library.