Cane of Pacci

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Cane of Pacci
Cane of Pacci Art.png




Flipping objects over
Reaching higher areas


"You got the Cane of Pacci! This mystical rod has the power to flip things over. Use it to charge up energy in holes and then flip up on out of it!"

— In-game description

The Cane of Pacci is an item from The Minish Cap that is primarily used to flip objects over.

The Minish Cap

The Cane of Pacci shoots a beam of light when it is used. It is found within the Cave of Flames as the dungeon's item. The Cane of Pacci is used for fighting, such as flipping the head of a Stalfos, as well as turning over things like pots and platforms. When the Cane of Pacci is used on a hole, Link can jump to be shot higher in the air. This is extremely useful for reaching a higher platform.