Tingle Trophy

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Tingle Trophy
Tingle Trophy.png
Tingle Trophy sprite




Complete all Kinstone Fusions


The Tingle Trophy is an item in The Minish Cap.

The Minish Cap

Tingle keeps track of how many Kinstone Fusions Link has not yet completed.[1] Once all possible fusions have been finished, Tingle will award Link this trophy in his own likeness.[2]

The trophy replaces the Kinstone Bag in the status screen. It is not required to finish the game, and serves no purpose other than to record the quest completion.


  1. "How many have you not found yet? Let's see...[#] left to go! Tingle is full of information, right? How does he know these things?" — Tingle, The Minish Cap.
  2. "You found them all! Way to go, Mr. Fairy! You can claim this Tingle trophy as your own with pride now!" — Tingle, The Minish Cap.