Graveyard Key

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Graveyard Key
Graveyard Key.png
Sprite from The Minish Cap



Oracle of Ages
Cave under a tree in the Yoll Graveyard


Oracle of Ages
Unlocks the door that leads to the east end of the Yoll Graveyard

The Graveyard Key is an item that appears in Oracle of Ages and The Minish Cap. In both games, it is used to unlock a door that leads to previously inaccessible parts of the graveyard.


Oracle of Ages

"You got the Graveyard Key!"

— In-Game Description

In Oracle of Ages, the Graveyard Key is needed to enter the east end of Yoll Graveyard, where the first dungeon of the game, the Spirit's Grave, is located.[1] The Graveyard Key is found in a cave, whose entrance is found under a tree in the south end of the graveyard. On the left side of the barrier, Link can burn the bottom tree with Ember Seeds. He can then enter the grave and light the two torches to acquire the Graveyard Key.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, the Graveyard Key is given to Link by Dampé in the Royal Valley. However, as soon Link walks outside of Dampé's house, a bird will come and steel it from him. Link can recover the key by killing the bird in the same area. Link can then access the Graveyard.



  1. "Graveyard Key Key to a spirit's grave." — Quest Status Screen Description, Oracle of Ages.