Cheesy Mustache

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Cheesy Mustache





Can be traded for the Funny Joke

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Moustache de fromage (Cheesy Mustache)
Spain Español Bigote Feo (Ugly Mustache)
Germany Deutsch Klebebart (Adhesive Beard)
Italy Italiana Baffi Formaggi (Cheesy Mustache)

"You got a Cheesy Mustache! It's weird..."

— In-Game Description

The Cheesy Mustache is the seventh item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Ages. It is very weird.[1][2]

The Cheesy Mustache can be obtained from Thomas, a very skinny man who can be found in the basement of the Middle House in Symmetry Village in the Past. Link finds him exercising, as he complains about how skinny he is.[3] In order to change, he decides to work out, although he only has one Dumbbell, and he claims that working only one arm at a time goes against his policy.[4][5] Link can give Thomas the Dumbbell he got from Mamamu Yan, which Thomas had been staring at previously.[6] Since he now has two Dumbbells, Thomas can finally work out, and says that he'll be able to "get all the girls".[7] As thanks, Thomas rips off his mustache and gives it to Link.[8]

The Cheesy Mustache can be used to acquire the eighth item of the sequence, the Funny Joke. The Cheesy Mustache is traded to the Comedian, a man who can be found standing in Lynna City in the Present. After the Comedian tells Link a really bad joke regarding chocolate,[9] he asks Link for something to make people laugh, like a fake mustache.[10] The Cheesy Mustache is perfect for the Comedian, and Link can give it to him.[11] The Comedian loves it, and rewards Link by telling him the funniest joke he knows, the Funny Joke.[12]



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