Goron Vase

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Goron Vase
OoT Goron City 3.png
Goron Vase from Ocarina of Time



Ocarina of Time
Goron City
Majora's Mask
Goron Shrine
Oracle of Seasons
Summit of Goron Mountain
Oracle of Ages
Rolling Ridge


Oracle of Seasons
Part of the trading sequence; can be traded for the Fish

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ゴロンつぼ (Goron Pot)
France Française Vase Goron (Goron Vase)
Spain Español Vasija Goron (Goron Vase)
Germany Deutsch Goronen-Vase (Goron Vase)
Italy Italiana Vaso Goron (Goron Vase)

The Goron Vase is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. It has a different size, shape, and usage in every game it appears in.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Goron Vase can be found at the base of the Goron City. Link must first light up all the torches in the city and then throw a Bomb inside the large vase. It starts to pop out various items based on which face points towards Link when the bomb explodes. Throwing a bomb in the happiest face causes it to eject a Piece of Heart. The happy face gives 3 groups of 10 bombs, and the angry face gives 3 Rupees.

Majora's Mask

The Goron Vases in Majora's Mask are much smaller than their Ocarina of Time counterpart. They can be found on top of the large chandelier inside the Goron Shrine, where there are five of them. If Link lights all of the torches in the room, the chandelier will begin to spin. As Goron Link, Link has to roll up a ramp to hit a vase. Inside one of the vases is a Rock Sirloin. If Link hits this rock, the Rock Sirloin will pop out.

Oracle of Seasons

"You got the Goron Vase as thanks for the ! It's a very nice vase..."

— In-game description

The Goron Vase is the sixth item in the trading sequence of Oracle of Seasons. It is a fine vase that was made by a Goron.[1][2] It is highly coveted, by both collectors and others, including Gorons.[3][4]

The Goron Vase can be obtained from Biggoron, who can be found on the summit of the Goron Mountain. If Link travels to where Biggoron is, Biggoron will reveal to Link that he is sick, and ask Link for something to warm him up.[5] If Link comes with the Lava Soup, Biggoron sniffs it out, and asks to have the soup.[6] After gulping it down, Biggoron is relieved of his cold.[7] Biggoron then gives Link the Goron Vase as a symbol of his gratitude.[7]

The Goron Vase can then be used to obtain the seventh item in the sequence, the Fish. The Fish is obtained from Ingo, a vase collector[8] who lives in a small house in the northwest section of Sunken City. Once Link has entered the house, Ingo tells Link that no matter how many times he asks Biggoron for the Goron Vase, he still refuses to give Ingo the vase.[9] Ingo wants the vase so bad, that he'd be willing to give up his dinner, a Fish, for it.[9] If Link encounters Ingo with the Goron Vase in hand, Ingo will spot it out, and beg Link to give it to him.[10] After placing it nicely in his collection, Ingo thanks Link by giving him the Fish.[11]

Oracle of Ages

Take the Rock Brisket to the southern staircase Goron Dance Hall in the present, and give it to the Goron guarding the stairs. In exchange, he gives Link the Goron Vase. After doing this, go to the past, and give it to a Goron in the same location for the Goronade. After doing this, the Goron in the present claims that the vase was from his ancestor, as Link gave it to him in the past.


  • In Ocarina of Time, jumping directly into the open lid of the vase from the suspended platform above it results in a blackout like when Link falls in a bottomless pit.



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