Tokay Eyeball

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Tokay Eyeball




Open statue on Crescent Island, leading to Sea of No Return


The Tokay Eyeball is a quest item that Link acquires from the Captain of the Piratians. It is obtained within the Sea of Storms in Oracle of Ages.

After Link acquires the Zora Scale, Link will have the ability to gain entrance to the Sea of Storms. Link will board the Pirate Ship where he will find the Piratians. After speaking with the Captain, Link will find out that the Piratians are stranded within the Sea of Storms. The Captain asks if he can have the Zora Scale to help calm the seas. After giving it to Link, the Captain will in turn give Link the Tokay Eyeball. The Captains states that the Tokay Eyeball opens the way to the Ancient Tomb.[1]

The Tokay Eyeball can be inserted into the Tokay Guardian Statue found in the Past at the west end of Crescent Island. The statue is in the same location as where the Moonlit Grotto can be found in the Present. The statue can be seen noticeably missing an eyeball. After inserting the Eyeball, the statue will open up, revealing a secret passageway that will eventually lead to the Sea of No Return. This serves as the only route to reach the Ancient Tomb.



  1. "Thank'ee! Now we can escape these seas! Take this as a sign o' me thanks! It's the jewel called the Tokay Eyeball! It's said to be the thing that opens the way to the ancient tomb. I don't know if it's true or not, though." — Captain, Oracle of Ages.