Essences of Time

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Not to be confused with the Essences of Nature.
Essences of Time



Eight Dungeons


Restores the Maku Tree's memory


The Essences of Time are eight sacred relics that appear in Oracle of Ages. Each essence is scattered across Labrynna, hidden in eight dungeons. The Essences of Time hold the power to see the truth and hold the Maku Tree's memory.[1] Once Veran has gone to the past and altered history, the Maku Tree's memory fades due to the flow of time being disrupted.[2] In order for Link to defeat Veran, he must collect all eight Essences of Time to see the truth.[1] As he acquires each essence, the Maku Tree gradually regains her memory and gives hints to where the next Essence of Time is. Once Link has obtained the last essence, time now flows true in the Maku Tree again and begins to remember everything she has forgotten. The Maku Tree remembers that her Maku Seed can only be used by a hero who knows the powers of the Essences of Time, seeing truth across time and space. Telling Link he can defeat Veran if he can do this, she gives him the Maku Seed to enter the Black Tower.[3]

The eternal light of the last Essence of Time, Falling Star, serves as a guide to the other seven essences.[4]


Eternal Spirit

Main article: Eternal Spirit

"Even after life ends, it speaks across time to the heart."

— In-game description

The Eternal Spirit, the first Essence of Time, is located in the Spirit's Grave guarded by Pumpkin Head.

Ancient Wood

Main article: Ancient Wood

"It whispers only truth to closed ears from out of the stillness."

— In-game description

The Ancient Wood, the second Essence of Time, is located in the Wing Dungeon guarded by Head Thwomp.

Echoing Howl

Main article: Echoing Howl

"It echoes far across the plains to speak to insolent hearts."

— In-game description

The Echoing Howl, the third Essence of Time, is located in the Moonlit Grotto dungeon guarded by Shadow Hag.

Burning Flame

Main article: Burning Flame

"It reignites wavering hearts with a hero's burning passion."

— In-game description

The Burning Flame, the fourth Essence of Time, is located in the Skull Dungeon guarded by Eyesoar.

Sacred Soil

Main article: Sacred Soil

"All that lies sleeping in the bosom of the earth will know the nourishing warmth of the Sacred Soil."

— In-game description

The Sacred Soil, the fifth Essence of Time, is located in the Crown Dungeon guarded by Smog.

Lonely Peak

Main article: Lonely Peak

"It is a proud, lonely spirit that remains stalwart, even in trying times."

— In-game description

The Bereft Peak, the sixth Essence of Time, is located in the Mermaid's Cave guarded by Octogon.

Rolling Sea

Main article: Rolling Sea

"The mystical song of the sea roars into a crashing wave that sweeps heroes out into adventure."

— In-game description

The Rolling Sea, the seventh Essence of Time, is located within Jabu-Jabu's Belly guarded by Plasmarine.

Falling Star

Main article: Falling Star

"The eternal light of this heavenly body acts as guide to the other essences."

— In-game description

The Falling Star, the eighth Essence of Time, is located in the Ancient Tomb guarded by Ramrock.


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