Bomb Flower

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Bomb Flower
A Bomb Flower as seen in Ocarina of Time







Blowing up rocks, cracks, platforms
Damaging enemies


Bomb Flowers are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They are Bombs that grow in the ground that Link can pick up and throw or roll to use against enemies. They can be used as simple bombs after being picked, i.e. to blow up blocked passageways or rooms. They are activated once they're picked up, so Link has a limited amount of time before they will explode in his hand. In Skyward Sword, Link has the option of picking up Bomb Flowers and storing them in his Bomb Bag, which he obtains in the Earth Temple.


Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Link can pick up Bomb Flowers to use before he gets the Bomb Bag. As a child, Link must obtain the Goron's Bracelet from Darunia before being able to pick them up. Bomb Flowers can be found in Goron City, Death Mountain and Dodongo's Cavern. In this cavern, there is a very clever puzzle involving bomb flowers.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, the Bomb Flower is acquired in Subrosia and is needed to clear the way for the Tower of Autumn. By using the Bomb Flower, it not only gives Link entry to the Autumn Tower (which will give his Rod of Seasons the Power of Autumn) but it also allows him to use the furnaces in order to make Hard Ore using Red Ore and Blue Ore.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, retrieving a Bomb Flower is vital in order for Link to rescue the Goron Elder and continue through the game. It is obtained from the Gorons after defeating the Great Moblin in Rolling Ridge.

The Wind Waker

Bomb Flowers in The Wind Waker are found in many places around the Great Sea. Link can pick one up, and throw or drop it before it grows back. They will respawn after a little bit.

Twilight Princess

Main article: Bombling

Bomb Flowers did not actually appear in Twilight Princess, but something very similar called a Bombling did. These mobile little critters will come out of holes in the ground and ran at Link, attempting an attack. At first, they are simple enemies that appear exclusively in the Forest Temple. However, after Link has obtained the Master Sword, Barnes will start selling them at his shop.

Skyward Sword

Bomb Flowers appear once again in Skyward Sword, but this time around, Link has the ability to pick one up, and store it in his Bomb Bag for later use.

A Link Between Worlds

A single Bomb Flower appears in Lorule, acting as a replacement for the Super Bomb from A Link to the Past. This Bomb Flower is very large, and much like the Super Bomb, will follow Link around until it is ignited. Unlike the Super Bomb, it is only necessary to purchase the Bomb Flower once; it will re-grow where Link picks it from, allowing infinite uses. Also unlike the Super Bomb, there are multiple uses for the Bomb Flower in the form of several large, breakable walls that can only be destroyed by detonating the Bomb Flower next to them.