Big Bomb Flower

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Big Bomb Flower
Big Bomb Flower - Lorule ALBW.png




200 Rupees


Blowing up big boulders


The Big Bomb Flower is an item in A Link Between Worlds. Link cannot carry around Big Bomb Flowers, and instead he leads them around the overworld. They are only obtainable in Lorule from the Bomb Flower Store from the Bomb-Shop Man, and in Lorule Castle. To obtain Big Bomb Flowers, Link must go to the Bomb Flower Store, where he gets unlimited Big Bomb Flowers from the Bomb-Shop Man for 200 Rupees.[1][2] In Lorule Castle, there is a Big Bomb Flower which he can freely use, required to proceed through a maze.

The Big Bomb Flower can be used by pressing A in front of it, making it follow Link. In order to detonate it, Link must press A or use the Lamp. Big Bomb Flowers explode when hit by enemies or by Link himself. When this happens, Link must go back to the Bomb Flower Store to pick it again. If Link is close to the Big Bomb Flower when it detonates, he loses 3 hearts.

The Big Bomb Flower is used to explode big boulders and is required to access the Swamp Palace and obtain a Piece of Heart.


  1. "♪ Buh-buh-buh-buh! Want the Big Bomb Flower? ♪ Lucky you—I'm lendin' that power! For a one-time fee, use it for hours and hours. ♪ Oh yeah, the Big Bomb Flower. Wanna n-nuh-know about its power?
    ♪ Wanna know
    No need
    " — Bomb-Shop Man, A Link Between Worlds
  2. "♪ This big flower is only found here! If you're interested, kid, you'll wanna get near! ♪ Wanna use the Big Bomb Flower? For just 200 Rupees, you can stop lookin' so sour!
    ♪ Bo-rro-rrow
    No need
    " — Bomb-Shop Man, A Link Between Worlds