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Bomb-Shop Man






Swimmer (Hyrulean counterpart)

The Bomb-Shop Man is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He runs the Bomb Flower Store south of the Thieves' Town in Lorule and usually speaks in song and rhyme. The Bomb-Shop Man greets Link when the hero first enters his store and wonders if he is a friend or foe.[1] He guesses that Link is searching for Bombs, but he explains that he currently has nothing to show.[2] However, he does have the Big Bomb Flower available, which he is willing to lend out for unlimited uses after a one-time fee.[3] Regardless of whether Link wants to know more or not, the Bomb-Shop Man tells him that the flower next to his house is actually a large bomb that can follow Link and destroy large boulders, but it can be dangerous due to it exploding at the slightest touch.[4] The Bomb-Shop Man offers the Big Bomb Flower to Link for 200 Rupees, boasting that it cannot be found anywhere else.[5] Unless he agrees, Link is not permitted to enter the Bomb-Shop Man's garden.[6]

After Link purchases the flower, he urges the hero to go outside and try it out, reminding him that the flower always grows back.[7] Whenever Link visits him afterward, the Bomb-Shop Man warns Link that the Big Bomb Flower is very powerful.[8]


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    ♪ Wanna know
    No need
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