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This article is about the recurring characters. For Link's weapon in Hyrule Warriors, see Great Fairy (Hyrule Warriors).

The Great Fairies are Fairies that are much larger and more powerful than regular Fairies. They help Link on his journey by fully restoring his health, and they usually bestow some sort of gift upon him. Most of them live in Great Fairy Fountains or other sources of water.


The Legend of Zelda

GreatFairy(LoZ).gif The Great Fairies in The Legend of Zelda have many fountains across Hyrule. They fully heal Link whenever he comes to one of their springs.

A Link to the Past


The Great Fairies of A Link to the Past can do more than just heal Link. They often bestow more powerful items upon him, usually only after Link has thrown something into their fountain. A Cursed Great Fairy lives in the Pyramid of Power, and she will grant Link the Silver Arrow and the Golden Sword.


The Fairy Queen, Venus, also has a spring known as the Pond of Happiness. She can increase the amount of arrows and bombs that Link can hold if he throws Rupees into her fountain.

Link's Awakening

GreatFairy queen LA.gif The Great Fairies of this game heal Link if he manages to find their springs that are hidden across Koholint Island. The Fairy Queen is found in the DX Version of the game in the Color Dungeon. She gives Link the "power of color", allowing him to swap his green tunic out for a red or blue one. These boost his offensive and defensive power respectively. Despite her title, the Fairy Queen looks identical to all of the Great Fairies.

Ocarina of Time

Great Fairy OoT.png

There are a total of six locations where Link can find Great Fairies in Ocarina of Time. Each one can only be found at their Fairy Fountain, where they grant Link with a new spell or ability if he plays Zelda's Lullaby.

Great Fairy of Power

The Great Fairy of Power lives on top of Death Mountain in a cave that can only be accessed using bombs. She teaches Link how to charge the Spin Attack with Magic Power.

Great Fairy of Wisdom

The Great Fairy of Wisdom can be reached only after Link obtains the Megaton Hammer in the Fire Temple. He can then use the hammer to destroy the rocks in front of her fountain in Death Mountain Crater. She doubles Link's Magic Meter.

Great Fairy of Courage

The Great Fairy of Courage is found very late in the game, once Link obtains the Golden Gauntlets. He can use them to lift the huge rock outside Ganon's Castle to reach the fountain, where this Great Fairy enhances his defensive power by halving the amount of damage he takes.

Great Fairy of Magic

Interestingly enough, the Great Fairy of Magic appears in three different locations and gives Link three magic spells. She can first be found behind a rock in Hyrule Castle by using bombs, where she gives him Din's Fire. Then a wall in Zora's Fountain can be exploded, where she gives Link Farore's Wind. Finally, she is found behind a wall in near an oasis by the Desert Colossus, just outside the Haunted Wasteland, where she grants Link with Nayru's Love.

Majora's Mask

Great Fairy MM.png

The five Great Fairies in Majora's Mask were shattered by the Skull Kid using the power of the mask. If Link manages to gather up all their Stray Fairies, then they will return to their true, whole form and reward him. Some rewards are enhancements to Link's magical abilities, increased defence, or a new sword.

Great Fairy of Magic

The Great Fairy of Magic is the only fairy required to rescue in order to complete the game. Link and Tatl first visit her while Link is a Deku Scrub, hoping that she can help them. After they find her last Stray Fairy wandering around Clock Town, she returns to normal and she gives Link the ability to shoot bubbles in his Deku form, although it consumes Magic Power.

If Link returns in his Hylian form, she bestows the Great Fairy's Mask upon him.

Great Fairy of Power

The Great Fairy of Power lives in the Woodfall area, near the Woodfall Temple. If Link gathers the Stray Fairies inside that temple, she teaches him how to do a more powerful Spin Attack, although it takes up Magic Power.

Great Fairy of Wisdom

The Great Fairy of Wisdom can be found in her fountain in the Snowhead region, under the entrance to Snowhead Temple. Once she is reunited with the missing Stray Fairies from the temple, she doubles Link's Magic Meter.

Great Fairy of Courage

The Great Fairy of Courage is found in Zora Cape area after jumping across some rocks and using the Hookshot to reach it. If Link brings the Stray Fairies from Great Bay Temple, she doubles his defense, and any damage Link takes will be reduced by half.

Great Fairy of Kindness

The Great Fairy of Kindness lives in Ikana Canyon. If Link gathers the Stray Fairies in Stone Tower Temple and brings them to her fountain, she gives him the Great Fairy's Sword.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Main article: Great Fairy (Oracle Games)

GreatFairy queen LA.gif The Great Fairies of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages do the same thing as their counterparts in Link's Awakening. There is also a special Fairy Queen.

Four Swords

Great Fairy of Forest.png The Great Fairy of Forest meets the Links at the end of the Sea of Trees, where she rewards the Links with a key, depending on how well they did.
Great Fairy of Flame.pngThe Great Fairy of Flame meets the Links at the end of the Death Mountain, where she rewards the Links with a key, depending on how well they did.
Great Fairy of Ice.png The Great Fairy of Ice meets the Links at the end of the Talus Cave, where she rewards the Links with a key, depending on how well they did.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Great Fairies live in one of the springs of the Great Sea, such as the one on Outset Island, or in one of the five Fairy Islands: Northern Fairy Island, Southern Fairy Island, Western Fairy Island, Eastern Fairy Island, and Thorned Fairy Island. They usually give Link the ability to carry more bombs, arrows or Rupees. One Great Fairy was consumed by a Big Octo, and if Link defeats it, she doubles his Magic Meter.

The Queen of Fairies also makes an appearance, where she holds a doll that looks like a Great Fairy. She gives Link the Fire and Ice arrows.

Four Sword Adventures

FSA-Great-Fairy.gif In Four Swords Adventures Link can encounter a Great Fairy in certain stages, usually in a cave or dungeon. If Link throws a certain item into the pond below the Great Fairy, she upgrades it to a Level 2 item. Encountering a Great Fairy is often crucial to completing puzzles and the stage itself.

The Minish Cap

Great Fairy MC.gifThere are three Great Fairies: Butterfly, Mayfly, and Dragonfly. If Link passes their individualized tests, they reward him with the ability to carry more Rupees, Bombs, and Arrows respectively.

Twilight Princess

Great Fairy 2 TP.png

There is only one Great Fairy in Twilight Princess, and she resides inside the Cave of Ordeals. She can be found on every tenth floor, e.g. tenth floor, twentieth floor, etc. Upon reaching her every 10 floors, she releases regular fairies to one of the Light Spirits' springs. Upon reaching the last level, she gives Link a Bottle with her tears in it, and promises to give more whenever he runs out at any Light Spirit spring. Link can only carry one bottle full of Great Fairy's Tears at a time. Additionally, once Link has reached the final floor, she congratulates him, and then say that people are in need of his powers above the surface. She then sends Link to one of the four Spirit's Springs.

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, the character at the Spirit Island is similar to a Great Fairy. She only speaks to Link; her appearance is never shown.

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, the Great Fairy must be summoned several times throughout legend mode in order to aid Link and his allies in battle. Through Adventure Mode, The Great Fairy can be unlocked as a weapon for Link in which she keeps him in a bottle.

Breath of the Wild

The four Great Fairies in Breath of the Wild assist Link in his quest by enhancing certain pieces of armor at the cost of materials needed for the upgrade. Each Great Fairy must receive an offering in order to open her Great Fairy Fountain and restore her power, which then enables her to bless Link's armor. The level to which Link's armor can be blessed by any given Great Fairy is relative to the number of Great Fairies restored to power. In order to reach the highest level, all four Great Fairies must be restored.

The four Great Fairies are: