Red Mail (Link's Awakening)

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Red Mail
Red Clothes
Red Mail from Link's Awakening (Switch)




Doubling attack power


The Red Mail or Red Clothes is an item that appears in Link's Awakening DX & Switch.

Link's Awakening

"You've got the Red Clothes! Your body is full of energy!"

Link's Awakening DX in-game description
Red Clothes sprite from Link's Awakening DX

The Red Mail - known as the Red Clothes in Link's Awakening DX - is an optional item available only in Link's Awakening DX and Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, not the original Game Boy release. Wearing it doubles Link's offensive powers, doubling the damage dealt by Link's attacks.

On completing the Color Dungeon, Link finds himself in a room with Koholint Island's Fairy Queen, who will offer him the choice between the blue mail which doubles defence, or the red mail which doubles attack[1]. Whichever he chooses, he can return to the Fairy Queen at a later time to switch to the other option.


  1. "Red for offense, blue for defense. Which do you choose? RED BLUE" — Fairy Queen, Link's Awakening DX.