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Piece of Power
Piece of Power LA Artwork.png
Piece of Power artwork from Nintendo of Europe Spieleberater



Dropped by enemies


Increases speed and power of Link's attacks for a limited time


A Piece of Power is an item from Link's Awakening.

Link's Awakening

LA Piece of Power Sprite.png

Pieces of Power are small flashing triangles that sometimes materialize after Link defeats an enemy on Koholint Island.[1] They temporarily increase Link's speed by 25% and double his sword strength and knockback.[2] While the Piece of Power is in effect, special music plays and Link's sword icon flashes. This power-up either expires after a short time moving around, after getting hit three times, or upon entering or exiting a cave or building.[3]

Pieces of Power drop based on how many enemies Link has killed. They become rarer as Link obtains more Heart Containers. The count of how many enemies have been killed is reset when the player dies. In versions aside from the 2019 release, it will also reset if the player reloads the game. If something else spawns from killing the enemy (such as a Guardian Acorn), the Piece of Power will usually drop on the next enemy.

In Link's Awakening for Game Boy and Link's Awakening DX, the following table demonstrates how many kills are required:

Number of Heart Containers Number of Kills Required
3-6 30
7-10 35
11+ 40

In Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch, the number of enemies required to get a Piece of Power is 32 plus the number of Heart Containers that Link has. For example, when the game starts and Link has three hearts, a Piece of Power will drop every 35 kills.


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