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In-game sprite




"You traded the Text Pineapple.png for the Text Hibiscus.png!"

— In-Game Description

The Hibiscus is an item featured in Link's Awakening as part of the fourteen-item Trading Sequence. Link obtains the item by approaching the famished Papahl atop Tal Tal Mountain Range with a Pineapple in hand. Paphl consumes the Pineapple to regain his strength after getting lost and he offers the Hibiscus as a reward.[1][2] Afterwards, Link can take the Hibiscus over to Christine in Animal Village, who thanks him and asks if he will deliver the next item in the sequence, the Letter, to Mr. Write.[3][4]


  1. "Yep, Papahl got lost, just like he said! Now, I am so famished I can't move! Can you give me some vittles? Yes Nope" — Paphl, Link's Awakening.
  2. "AH! This isn't meant to be a reward... Here, take this Text Hibiscus.png! It's a hibiscus!" — Paphl, Link's Awakening.
  3. "Oh, you brought me a hibiscus! How sweet! Well, since you are such a gentleman I have a request to make of you. Will you listen? Yes No" — Christine, Link's Awakening.
  4. "I would like you to take this letter to a Mr. Write who lives on the border of the Mysterious Forest, please!" — Christine, Link's Awakening.