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Ribbon Sprite.png
Sprite from Link's Awakening



Link's Awakening
Mabe Village
Oracle of Seasons
Subrosia Market


Link's Awakening
Trading for the Dog Food
Oracle of Seasons
Making Rosa go on a date with Link


The Ribbon is an item from Link's Awakening and Oracle of Seasons. In Link's Awakening, it is a part of the trading sequence, while in Oracle of Seasons, it is used to make Rosa go on a date with Link.

Link's Awakening

"You traded your Text Yoshi Doll.png for Text Ribbon.png! Maybe you can trade the ribbon for something else!"

— In-game description

The Ribbon is the second item in the Link's Awakening trading sequence. It is obtained from Mamasha when Link gives her the Yoshi Doll. She explains that she has been looking for the doll for her baby, and she is grateful for Link's generosity so she gives him the Ribbon in return.[1][2] This can be traded again for a can of Dog Food to CiaoCiao, who can be found in the right side of Madam MeowMeow's House. She loves fashion items like the Ribbon.[3]

Oracle of Seasons

The Ribbon in Oracle of Seasons is obtained by trading the Star-Shaped Ore at the Subrosia Market. It can then be given to Rosa so that she will go on a date with Link. While on a date with her, she'll open any locked door with her special key, including a locked door in the Temple of Seasons.



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  2. "Oh thank you! You are indeed a generous person! Ah! I will give you this in return!" — Mamasha, Link's Awakening.
  3. " Make-up! Jewels! Dresses! I want it all! Sigh... And some new accessories would be nice... Oh! That Ribbon! I need it! Will you trade for my dog food? Yes No!" — CiaoCiao, Link's Awakening.