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Subrosia Market
Outside of Subrosia Market




The Subrosia Market is a store located in Subrosia Village. It is the only store in Subrosia. Unlike the stores in Holodrum that use Rupees, Ore Chunks and/or Mystical Seeds are used as currency. The store mainly follows a system of bartering or trading also used by the Tokay in Oracle of Ages. The Market is recognizable and appears to be shaped like a giant Subrosian. Many items that the Subrosia Market have are found at the "temple" and are known to be bizarre to the Subrosians, so these items are misnamed such as Recovery Hearts and Gasha Seeds named "peaches" and "silver seeds" respectively.

Item Name Cost (Ore Chunks and/or Mystical Seeds)
Ribbon Star-Shaped Ore
Rare Peach Stone (Piece of Heart) 20 Ore Chunks and 10 Ember Seeds
Cutting Board (Wooden Shield) 5 Ember Seeds
3 Peaches (Recovery Hearts) 10 Ore Chunks
10 Ore Chunks 20 Gale Seeds
Big Bomb Bag 50 Ore Chunks and 10 Bombs
File:Magical Ring.png
Seed Ring 30-70 Ore Chunks
(price increases by 10 after each purchase)
File:Pegasus Seed OOX.png
10 Pegasus Seeds 25 Ore Chunks
File:Gasha Seed.png
Silver Seeds (Gasha Seed) 100 Ore Chunks and 20 Scent Seeds
4 Ember Seeds 5 Ore Chunks
File:Member's Card.png
Member's Card 5 Ore Chunks