Blowing Wind

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"Sweet fruit is born when pollen is carried by the Blowing Wind!"

— In-Game Description
Blowing Wind.png

The Blowing Wind is the sixth Essence of Nature found within Oracle of Seasons. The Blowing Wind is located within the Ancient Ruins and is acquired after Link has defeated Manhandla.

After Link has obtained the Blowing Wind, pollen is blown, producing fruit.[1] After exiting the Ancient Ruins, the Maku Tree tells Link that the Blowing Wind reaches him. He mentions that he has dreamt of a cemetery west of Horon Village where an essence might be by finding a way across the sea.[2]


  1. "Blowing Wind Windblown pollen produces fruit." — In-Game Description, Oracle of Seasons.
  2. "Say, Link! The Blowing Wind reaches me, too! I dreamt of a cemetery west of Horon Village. Could an essence lie there..? To get there, find a way across the sea." — Maku Tree, Oracle of Seasons.