Wooden Bird

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Wooden Bird
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 きぼりのハト
France Française Oiseau de Bois (Wooden Bird)
Spain Español Pájaro de Madera (Wooden Bird)
Germany Deutsch Holzvogel (Wooden Bird)
Italy Italiana Uccello di legno (Wooden Bird)

"You traded the for a Wooden Bird! It looks real!"

— In-game description

The Wooden Bird is the tenth item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Seasons. It is a very realistic carving,[1][2] enough so that Tick Tock calls it "beautiful".[3]

The Wooden Bird can be acquired from Syrup, the Great Witch who can be found within her potion shop in Sunken City. She wants to ask her apprentice, Maple, to go to Mt. Cucco and get a Mushroom, but Maple hasn't returned yet, thus making Syrup unable to make her Magic Potion.[4] However, once Link has acquired the Mushroom from Talon, he can bring it to Syrup, who smells it out right away, and asks to have it, offering her Wooden Bird in exchange.[5] With the Mushroom in hand, Syrup can finally make Magic Potion, allowing her to soon be able to open up her shop.[6]

The Wooden Bird can then be used to acquire the eleventh and penultimate item of the trading sequence, the Engine Grease. The Wooden Bird can be traded to Tick Tock, a strange man who operates the Clock Shop within Horon Village. Tick Tock wants to make the best Cuckoo Clock ever, but he has yet to find a nice Wooden Bird that is just breathtaking to use.[7] If Link shows Tick Tock the Wooden Bird that Syrup gave to him, Tick Tock that it's beautiful, and asks to have it.[8] After marvelling at the Wooden Bird one last time, Tick Tock thanks Link by giving him the Engine Grease,[9] saying that everyone loves to play with engines.[10]



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