Seed of Life

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"Life begins anew when birds carry this, the Seed of Life, to new lands!"

— In-Game Description
Seed of Life.png

The Seed of Life is the seventh Essence of Nature found within Oracle of Seasons. The Seed of Life is located within Explorer's Crypt and is acquired after Link has defeated Gleeok.

After Link has obtained the Seed of Life, new life is born on new lands.[1] After exiting Explorer's Crypt, the Maku Tree contacts Link that the Seed of Life has given him new strength. He mentions that for the last Essence of Nature, Link will be unaided by him as he saw no dreams, only giving the hero good luck for the search of the Essence of Nature.[2]


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  2. "Say, Link! The Seed of Life has given me new strength! Now for the last Essence of Nature! But this time, I saw no dreams... So I rely on you, Link. It is somewhere in Holodrum. Good luck!" — Maku Tree, Oracle of Seasons.