Magnetic Gloves

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Magnetic Gloves
Magnetic Gloves S.gifMagnetic gloves N.gif
The Magnetic Glove in both modes in Oracle of Seasons




Attracting or repelling metallic objects

The Magnetic Gloves are a unique pair of gloves found in Oracle of Seasons and Four Swords.

Oracle of Seasons


In Oracle of Seasons, the Magnetic Gloves are found in the fourth dungeon, Unicorn's Cave. The Magnetic Gloves are very effective on enemies that wear armor and are needed to defeat the boss of Unicorn's Cave, Digdogger. They can also attract Ore Chunks and pull Link away and toward magnetic polls. The magnetic gloves have 2 versions. One is the North, the other South. The two versions can be toggled by pressing the 'A' (or 'B') button. Depending on the mode, Link can push, pull, and move different items in different ways.

Four Swords

Magnetic Glove.gif

In Four Swords, the Magnetic Gloves can be toggled between the North and South modes by pressing the 'Item' Button. ('A' for Four Swords, 'X' for the Anniversary Edition). They are also effective against Hiploops.