Digdogger (Oracle of Seasons)

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1-2 Heart.png Contact


Digdogger is a boss that is encountered in Unicorn's Cave, the fifth dungeon in Oracle of Seasons.


During the battle, Digdogger will jump around the room trying to land on top of Link. In order for Link to defeat Digdogger, he must equip the Magnetic Gloves to pull the spiked ball from atop the pillar in the top right corner of the room. Once Link pulls the spiked ball onto the ground, he can push and pull it around the room using the Magnetic Gloves. He should be careful whilepushing and pulling the ball due to it being able to damage Link. While being careful, Link must hit Digdogger with the spiked ball four times. Once dealt with four hits from the spiked ball, it will split into six smaller versions of itself that will run erratically around the room, only hurting Link if he comes into contact with one of them. Link can defeat the smaller Digdoggers by either using the spiked ball to hit each of them or he could attack them with his Sword. The latter choice will take longer due to the spiked ball only taking one hit to defeat them while the sword takes four hits to defeat the small Digdoggers. After a short time, the small Digdoggers will reform to the original Digdogger, making Link separate it again. Once all of the small Digdoggers have been defeated, Digdogger will be defeated. Once Link defeats Digdogger, he is rewarded with a Heart Container and the third Essence of Nature, the Nurturing Warmth.