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Official artwork of Onox


General of Darkness[1][2]


Dark Dragon






Onox, General of Darkness,[1][2] is the primary antagonist of Oracle of Seasons.

Oracle of Seasons

Onox is first seen right at the beginning of the game, where he kidnaps Din, the Oracle of Seasons, causing the seasons to be thrown into disorder.[3][4] After collecting all eight Essences of Nature, Link travels to the Northern Peak to confront Onox.[5] Despite his heavily armored exterior and use of the knocked out Din as a shield, Onox's true form is a dragon that Link must fight in order to complete his adventure in Holodrum.[6]

Not much is known about the origins of Onox. All that he states regarding his past is that he was summoned from the Dark Realm by Twinrova.[7] His final form, which he states is his true form, is that of a dark dragon;[7] thus, his humanoid form is a disguise.

Boss Strategy

Main article: Onox (Boss)

Onox serves as the final boss in Oracle of Seasons and the battle consists of two distinctive forms.



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