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Mittens is a Cat in Oracle of Seasons.

Oracle of Seasons


At the very start of the game, Link can find Mitten, along with its Owner in North Horon. Mittens can be seen on top of a tree and her Owner is doing everything he can to get her down. If Link tries to speak with Mittens, all that the she says is Meow.[1]

Mittens' Owner can be found right next to the tree with a Megaphone in his hand. No matter how much Mittens' Owner calls her down, Mittens won't budge. Mittens' Owner suggests that maybe if he had her favorite treat, Fish, that perhaps she'd come down.[2]

Mittens and Mittens' Owner both play a role in the Trading Sequence. Link can bring the Fish to the Owner and he'll ask Link if he can have it.[3] The Owner gladly accepts the Fish from Link and uses it to try and get Mittens to come down.[4] As a reward for getting the Mittens down, the Owner trades Link the Megaphone.[5]



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